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The halo around DaDu Mountain:
The all-new Tech Mall Shopping Area

Pictures and Words by Zhang Jia-Qian
Translated by Cara Steenstra

There is a new destination for Taichung citizens to go for a day of shopping and entertainment. Situated at the intersection of XiTun and YuMen roads, less than a kilometer from the Central Taiwan Science and Technology Park, is Tech Mall. Since its opening, Tech Mall has become the newest dining, shopping and recreation destination for residents in the DaDu Mountain (DaDu Shan) area and west of the north-south freeway.

Tech Mall gets its name from its proximity to the Science and Technology Park. The other reason for this moniker is the fact that it sounds a bit like "You Can Take More", a catchy slogan. As the name suggests, Tech Mall is a comprehensive mall that provides for all daily needs, from clothing, dining and shopping to entertainment, with something to please all ages and interests.

With an area of 17,000 pings, the Tech Mall shopping district provides up to 560 parking spaces. The densely populated area boasts a good transportation network that enables shoppers from other areas to conveniently get there. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers who demand quality, the shopping district uses the theory of "reverse marketing" to create an environment unique from other areas. Businesses must demonstrate their ability to function with a strong brand image in order to qualify, rather than simply being able to afford high rents.

In a change from traditional shopping districts, Tech Mall is centrally managed, with businesses arranged according to style in order to maintain quality control. There is a total of 24 businesses at the mall, which draws an average of 300,000 visitors each month. Business categories include nationwide chains like Nike, Giordano, and Asia 1; and regional businesses such as Sinon Supermarket, Song Beam Home Fashion, and Taichung Steak House. For dining, there are five to six cuisine types to choose from, with the biggest establishment being Taichung Steak House, seating up to 1,068 diners. From late November, Sinon Supermarket, My Sport Badminton, Toroko Baseball Practice Range, Ting Yuan Cafe and other businesses were fully open, allowing residents to enjoy various shopping and recreational facilities there over the holidays.
This coming May, Home KTV, a swimming pool and a hypermarket selling daily necessities will also be opening at Tech Mall, making its offerings even more complete. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Tech Mall Plaza is available to community groups and charities for activities. This is part of a goal to create a new image for Taichung's shopping districts, where community, culture and business go hand in hand, so that consumers can also enjoy spiritual satisfaction even while shopping and having fun.

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