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Glorious mornings and evenings
among dancing butterflies:
Ba Gua Mountain Butterfly Farm

51, DaZhang Road, Sec. 5, FenYuan Township, ChangHua County (near the 23km mark on ZhangHua Highway No.139)
(04) 787-0851
Hours:Tues.-Fri. 4 pm-10:30 pm
(appointments necessary during daytime visits)
Sat/Sun 10 am-10:30 pm (closed Mondays)
Group tours available for NT$1,200 per session.

-- By Regina Su Translated by Cara Steenstra

With an expansive 360-degree view across central Taiwan's five counties and cities, the Ba Gua Mountain Butterfly Farm overlooks Nantou county's Zhongxing (Chunghsing) New Village and Jiu Jiu Mountain by Caotun and Pinglin to the east. On the north side, one can see Taichung city's skyscrapers, the townships of Wufeng, Dali and Wuer, and the smokestacks of the Taichung thermo-power plant.

To the west are the blue skies and seas of the Taiwan Straits and the harbor entry of Fulu Stream, Lukang, Wanggong, Fangyuan and other seaside townships, as well as Mailiao and Liqing of Yunlin county. The Changhua county townships of Dachun, Pushin, Yuanlin and Shetou are visible to the south. Both urban and rural vistas can be enjoyed, not to mention a clear view of ships in the Taiwan Straits. All this makes the farm a wonderful place to gather for a meal with some friends after sunset while enjoying the night view.

Winner of the "Excellence Prize" at the 2004 and 2005 Republic of China Excellent Recreational Farming Review, the butterfly farm is situated on Ba Gua Mountain and is aimed at creating a complete ecological environment for insects. There is an emphasis on recreating a natural environment, so that reproduction, life and ecological concerns are all met, fulfilling hopes of peaceful coexistence between humans and their environment.

During the farm's development, special attention was paid to protecting the natural habitat, making use of original landscapes in order to protect existing plants and preserve original geographical features. There are many different kinds of insects at this farm, including a variety of butterflies, protecting and cultivating Ba Gua Mountain's indigenous plants. Highlighted with an in-depth explanatory tour, this destination provides a quality educational holiday destination where tourists can enjoy beautiful natural scenery while learning about the life cycles of insects. This helps guarantee a great day for family fun as well as learning about the natural lives of insects.
Different kinds of butterflies and other insects can be found during different seasons. After an educational butterfly tour, there are also places for visitors to enjoy various hot and cold drinks, coffee, set meals and hot pot sets. Groups are welcome to call in advance for reservations or enquiries regarding farm package tours.

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