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Introducing local and international flora at Daoxiang Organic Farm

Designing hand puppets in Lukang

Playing with clay at the Snake Kiln

Making oyster shell herons in WangKong

Formosa Overseas Study Center
English Educational & Cultural Tours in Taiwan

Formosa Overseas Study Center
251, Shaiuyang Rd, Changhua City, Taiwan
(04) 720-1778 / 0939 204 700

Traveling abroad is almost always the best and fastest way to learn not only language but also culture. But what can you do if you don’t have the time or resources to head to England, Australia, or the United States to learn English? Should you just study in a traditional cram school classroom? Or should you also study in the classroom of the world we have around us right here in Taiwan?

Changhua City's Formosa Overseas Study Center, which offers services for students wanting to study English abroad, presents just such an opportunity. After gaining experience and ideas from their tours & services overseas, 3 years ago the four women of Formosa Overseas Study Center decided to offer English study & cultural tours right here in Taiwan. The tours, which can be one day or more, visit local Taiwanese cultural hotspots like Lukang Township in Changhua County or Sun Moon Lake and the Snake Kiln in Nantou County. Participants can learn about native customs and food, and can even try their hand at local crafts in arts projects designed to teach them more about Taiwan’s history & lifestyles. Most importantly, from the time the tour starts to the time it finishes, the tour guide, a bilingual native English speaker, will introduce everything to the participants in ENGLISH, so that when participants do get the opportunity to go abroad, they’ll know exactly how to use English to talk about Taiwan. The tours are offered to Taiwanese people wanting to learn English, as well as folks from other countries who want a more in-depth view of Taiwanese culture. Formosa Overseas Study Center can also custom-design tours. If you’d like more information about the tours or the company, you can contact them at (04) 720-1778

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