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Keep Screaming for Spinning-Part Two

By Megan Thow Translated by Ann Lee

In last month's article on Spinning, I touched on some general information about this high-intensity, group stationary bicycle class and some of the activity's benefits. Here's some more information to help motivate you.

"Spinning classes can strengthen your cardiopulmonary functions and burn body fat," says instructor Chris Yang. "It is best for people who want to lose weight or shape up. Great results can be seen around the hips and thighs."

Yang, a certified trainer who has learned with Spinning instructors and passed the RPM training course at the Les Mills Gym in New Zealand, mentions that a participant can burn a large number of calories in each class, depending on the level he or she is in.

"Generally speaking, a beginner-level class can burn up to 450 calories while an intermediate-level class burns 500 to 600. An advanced class challenges for 600 calories or more, he says."

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jimmy Smith advises the first-time Spinner to be ready to push themselves and enjoy the class.

"Someone who has never taken a Spinning class before should expect a high-intensity class," Smith says. "It is consistent and non-stop and it really pushes you to the limit, so be ready to work."

With that being said, many people may be already thinking up excuses as to why they can't join a Spinning class. Unfortunately, you don't get off that easily.

"Spinning classes are suitable for people or all different sizes and shapes and of any gender, age or body type," says Yang.

So why not give Spinning a try? It's a great workout that burns a lot of calories and is really fun. Classes are usually about 50 minutes long. When you first begin, you can ask your instructor to help you adjust the bike to the proper height. Each bike has a resistance knob where you can increase or decrease to the desired resistance. Wear clothes that are comfortable when you sweat and shoes with a hard sole. Bring water and a towel. You have nothing to lose (but weight and inches), and your body, heart, and mind will thank you in the end.

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