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Ping Fong Acting Troupe "Apocalypse of Beijing Opera"

37 Arts  "LAVA"

Gloud Gate Dance Theater "Nine Songs"

Green Ray Theater

2007-08 Taichung Performing Arts GPS

Information provided by the Open Theater Group
Translated by Ann Lee

On December 7 and 8, Cloud Gate Dance Theater will perform a new piece called "Nine Songs". This story combines classic literature by the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan and the proclamations of Lin Hwai-min, Founder and Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and Cloud Gate 2, between the ages of 39 and 46--in a juxtaposition of past and present that's sure to attract a large audience. On January 5, the group will perform a piece directed by award winnes Wu Nian-zhen. This play is about a group of young men trying to work their way up the corporate ladder in Taipei.

January 12 and 13 bring theater lovers a work called "Like Shadows" (Ruying Suixing), put on by the Performance Workshop and directed by Stan Li. The story revolves around a grisly murder-suicide, and the plot weaves in and out of several realities, including those of the main characters, who don't realize that they are dead. The annual performance of Song Song Song Childrens & Puppet Theater's "The Robber's Daughter" take place on January 19. In this classic tale, the main character assumes a child's point of view to work out the hatred between two families.

Another show, "37 Arts", will be put on by LA/FA, a popular dance group led by globally-known dancer Xu Fang-yi. A brainchild of Xu and her boyfriend, the show is named after the area in New York that the group stayed in while rehearsing and writing the piece, which is ecstatic, sad, and even agonizing at times. Through this performance, the audience can enjoy a foray into the life of an artist and the joy and sadness that kind of lifestyle can bring. "37 Arts" plays on January 26.

If you are interested in going to any of the theater performances mentioned above, call Grace Studio at (04) 2538-6129 or check the website: http://blog.yam.com/ArtsGPS.

Song Song Song Childrens & Puppet Theater "The Robber's Daughter" "Like Shadows"

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