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Taiwan Glass Gallery

Taiwan Glass Gallery

Taiwan Glass Gallery

Taiwan Glass Gallery
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Brand's Health Museum

Brand's Health Museum

Brand's Health Museum
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A Day Trip to Changhua Coastal Industrial Park

By Lishea Chen Translated by Ann Lee

The first time I found out that I was going to visit Taiwan Glass Gallery in Changhua, I wasn't exactly beaming with excitement. After all, what could be so interesting about glass? And isn't most of the so-called 'good' glass in Hsinchu? However, after taking this trip south, I realized that I had in no way made a mistake--the glass, and the surrounding Changua Coastal (Chang-Bing) Industrial Park, is full of charm.

My tour at the glass gallery started with a climb up a transparent staircase and a celestial tunnel referred to as the 'Dream Linking Bridge'. It's difficult not to hold your breath--the glass floor below you appears as thin ice; multi-colored lights and shadows flicker around the 'bridge', adding to the illusion.

After the tunnel, there's a bit of a display area that houses a variety of glass-blown goods. True-to-life butterflies, bugs and parts of plants represent nature in one area, while a mirror display of Jyunzihsiang (Gentlemen's Alley) showcases the cultural relics in Lukang. In the gallery, several mirrors seem to create a dream-like maze; a huge kaleidoscope allows you to splatter your face all over the colorful reflections. The display also shows off a Galileo thermometer, a large, glass cylinder with several bulbous glass balls with colorful liquid inside, suspended in water. Developed by Galileo, it uses buoyancy to display the temperature.

After I had seen everything I could, I headed out. On the way back down the staircase, I noticed a variety of glass art and commercial products, like kitchenware and glass furniture. If you come here during the weekend, you might just catch a few masters blowing glass on site.

Next to the glass gallery, you will find a number of health-focused establishments--the Brand's Health Museum is one of them. As I entered the museum, I studied the corporation's chronology chart, and then went into the show area. The first display was quite interesting. It showcased different perspectives of the human body--Chinese studies of the veins and blood flow, the Indian Chakra, and the Western study of human anatomy.

Upstairs, a sky corridor lets visitors 'spy' on the production of Brand's products. Downstairs, there's a model of the human brain, assembled with 16,000 'jijing' (essence of chicken) bottles, a product made by Brand's. The walk-through brain has an 'Emotions of the Brain' show that incorporates light and shadow.

After leaving the brain and the museum, my last stop for the day was the Chang Bing Show Chwan Health Park, a place where you can get medical advice or a health check-up. Here, the staff looks almost like flight attendants in their sharp uniforms; the atmosphere, full of coffee, music and art from the National Science Museum and the Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, will be sure to keep you relaxed. In the afternoon hours, visitors can enjoy some saxophone tunes played by the assistant head of the Cranial Nerve Department.

The best part about everything I've mentioned in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park is that it is absolutely free, so come on down to Changhua and make a day out of it!

Chang Bing Show Chwan Chang Bing Show Chwan
Chang Bing Show Chwan Chang Bing Show Chwan
Health Park

(04) 781-3888, ext 71190
Hours: 8:30 am-5:30 pm


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