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Hope Market

Hope Market

Hope Market

Hope Market

Hope Market

By Lishea Chen Translated by Ann Lee

6-6, XiPing South Lane, XiTun District
(04) 2461-0620

On a mission to raise awareness about greener lifestyles, Hope Market acts as a go-between for consumers and farmers, as well as promotes organic farming and environmental preservation. Situated on the 7,000-ping, DongLi Ranch, Hope Market sells produce from from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month. At the farmer's market, you'll find more than 20 stalls separated into three sections: fruits and vegetables, processed agricultural products (including tea and coffee), and healthy lifestyle products.

The atmosphere at the market is almost as good as the fresh, pure taste of the organic goods found there. Sunshine, green grass and music make the market a perfect weekend outing. You can talk with the farmers, visit the stalls, and taste-test fresh vegetables and fruit. Mrs. Li, a retiree, runs the FuSan Organic Farm in Dong Shi. You can try some of her homemade snacks, simple food, and organic products, like persimmon Italian ice cream, Rose Stir-fried Rice Noodles, or Rose Water, which is a great skin moisturizer.

There are many more organic products you can find in the market, as well: Kwan Yi Organic Farm makes delicious vegetable and fruit vinegar, Yi Xiang's Organic Tea is smooth and fragrant, Gun Ji Organic Farm sells all sorts of vegetables, Do Ji Wei produces traditionally- made soy bean curd, soy bean milk and soy bean desserts, and the list goes on. Cooking workshops can also be arranged here. Mr. Chang Hao-Fu, a great chef, demonstrates how to cook up great dishes with fresh ingredients in the market. Because of Chinese New Year, February's market day will be held on February 2. Please visit their websites for more information.

Hope Market Hope Market

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