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A New Ride for a New Life

A New Ride for a New Life

A New Ride for a New Life: Advanced Riding Experience

Translated by Naomi Lai

A recumbent bicycle is not only equipped with a unique frame and offers greater speeds, but also provides flexibility in style, allowing you to modify it to your personal taste and mold it into a part of your life.

It is like a close friend, available to help you realize your dreams, solve your problems and complete your goals.

Are you curious about whether recumbent bicycles can only be ridden on "regular" roads?

Today, we are elevating you to a different level, to break through the limits of traditional and recumbent bicycles.

Recumbent bicycles from HP and HASE give you the choices to link several recumbent bicycles together for either a fun ride, high-speed off-roading, an enjoyable and comfy family trip, or self-realization through long-distance touring. There are also recumbent bicycles specially designed for the disabled, helping to improve their living convenience and quality.

If you've gained an interest in recumbent bicycles after learning about their basic types of structures, you won't want to miss this issue's "A New Ride for a New Life", where you can read about how recumbent bicycles can help enrich your life and allow you to find more excitement in your daily adventures.

A New Ride for a New Life

A New Ride for a New Life

A New Ride for a New Life

Coupling and Family Recumbent Bicycles: Kettwiesel & Trets & Pino

HASE headquarter is situated in the coal mining town of Waltrop in the northwestern Germany. The DELTA design recumbent from HASE--the Kettwiesel--is probably the most popular among riders. Aside from its top-class fluid frame, detailed design and ability to travel on all road types, the Kettwiesel can also be turned into a tandem bike after adding an optional coupling. With this coupling you can also link many Kettwiesel together or link to a Trets for some family recumbent action.

Germany hosts many biking events. In 2008, HASE linked 96 Kettwiesels together into a centipede-looking chain on the road that set a record accepted by Guinness World Records.

HASE's Trets is especially designed for children. Other than linking with a Kettwiesel into a family tandem recumbent, a specially-designed seat back can be folded down to create storage space, maximizing the functionality of this vehicle. The over-seat steering design increases safety for children while riding, and steel bars cover the wheels to prevent children from injuring their fingers. Seat belts are also added to the seats to ensure safety during emergency braking.

A New Ride for a New Life A New Ride for a New Life

Another tandem recumbent designed for families is the Pino, considered the most functional and human-friendly transportation vehicle. With its beefy aluminum alloy twin-leg bike stand, it is stable whether when you are resting on the bike or carrying heavy materials. This is a ride suitable for both adults and kids. A special children's handle and bottom bracket can be added to keep kids safe when riding with adults on the Pino, allowing for greater enjoyment of family time on recumbent bicycles.

新騎生活 進階騎遇

新騎生活 進階騎遇

新騎生活 進階騎遇

Off-Road and Electric Recumbent Bicycles: Scorpion & Kettwiesel

You often hear of people building electric cable systems to carry vehicles to the top of Germany's hills. The point is to get to the hilltop and then enjoy the speeding sensation of coming back down. But very few recumbent bicycles can withstand this kind of fun. If you're familiar with the Kettwiesel, though, you'll know that simply by adding the HASE's differential you can also experience downhill off-road excitement. It is faster than normal bikes and, in addition, definitely safer. The HP Velotechnik Scorpion is the first to include a front-wheel suspension system, moving it into the off-road category. Its high comfort, stability and speed allows it to conquer all types of roads. With its new off-road modifications, the Scorpion is now the favorite among campers and outdoor riders.

You can also install an electric motor on your Scorpion, Kettwiesel or Grasshopper to reduce energy needed during climbing, making it more suitable for the elderly.

新騎生活 進階騎遇 新騎生活 進階騎遇

新騎生活 進階騎遇

Special Functions:

Other than the various different types described above, there are still some lesser-known recumbent bicycle functions and styles. For example, the handmade HASE "Handbike" is a hand-powered handcycle. Adding an ergonomic chair and hand cranks makes it the perfect ride for disabled riders, or patients recovering from injuries. For many years, HASE has helped many disabled friends achieve their dreams by creating special recumbent bicycles and accessories for their use, allowing them to also enjoy the wonderful experience of biking.

Life becomes richer, fuller and more colorful with a recumbent. If you have any questions concerning recumbent bicycles or want to experience one first-hand, please contact us via phone or email.

新騎生活 進階騎遇
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