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2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival

2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival

2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival

Realizing childhood dreams through arts!

Words by Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau
Translated by Naomi Lai

For many years, Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau has hosted the popular Taichung Children's Arts Festivals, inviting young people to participate in education-related and art-appreciation activities and offering the parents to relive memories from their own early days. Happy laughter during the events has transformed the Fulfillment Amphitheater and Wenxin Forest Park into a child's wonderland.

This year, Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau will continue to offer fun and excitement, cooperating with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) to introduce a series of children's musicals around Children's Day. Through the medium of dramatic musical performances, this year's program aims to provide audience with a stimulating audio-visual experience. Various children's artistic groups in Taichung will consolidate their talent and resources to present audience with fresh, innovative programs and creative activities. On the evenings of April 3 and 4, the NTSO will stage the musical and pantomime, "The Listener", with the U.S.A. based Magic Circle Mime Company, and the Paper Windmill Theatre will stage "The Genius Dad in the Witch Hill". Both performances will offer children and adult audience the chance to enjoy a close-up artistic experience with richly-choreographed body language.

Following the success of "Discover Gulliver: The Largest Arts Installation of Human Body Exploration" organized by the Paper Windmill Foundation last year, a new dinosaur-themed event will be organized this year. The audience may find many creative ideas from the unique designs of dinosaurs' characters.
Some other children's theater performances, a parent-child fair, art market and interactive activities are organized. Information about the festival will be posted on the Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau's official website (http://www.tccgc.gov.tw). Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau invites you and your family to 2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival!

2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival 2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival

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