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2013 "Rock 'n' Share" Taichung Rock Festival

2013 "Rock 'n' Share" Taichung Rock Festival

2013 "Rock 'n' Share" Taichung Rock Festival

Article/Photo by HIGHLITE Corporation

Taichung's best-known and most symbolic annual rock event--Rock In Taichung Festival--will take place this year on September 7th and 8th from 1 to 10 p.m. This 6th annual Rock In Taichung Festival will share music and love, igniting and spreading the power of passion at Taichung City's Fulfillment Amphitheater, in Wen-Xsin Forest Park.
This year's Rock In Taichung Festival theme is "Rock 'n' Share". Through a variety of 10 activity series, the festival will not only share but practice the spirit of rock 'n' roll. Participation in various parts of the festival starts with applications from independent bands across the nation, introductory events such as three promotional conferences in northern, central and southern Taiwan, and a guitarist flash-mob event.

On Sept. 7 and 8 on the Fulfillment Amphitheater main stage and three secondary stages in Wen-Xsin Forest Park, the festival's "City Sounds Union" performing theme will be on display, linking the sounds and cultures of different cities. This year, performing bands include not only independent band applicants from around Taiwan, but also international heavyweight bands invited from Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia and other foreign countries. These will be perform together with well-known indy (indie) bands from northern, central and southern Taiwan.

Musical varieties will include punk, metal, electronic, psychedelic, post-rock and others. In addition, a refreshing, cute artsy-style band will be added to the line-up, together with an aboriginal band representing Taiwan's true, local voice at its best. These additions will make the original heavy-metal rock theme more diverse and appealing to a broad audience.

Besides excellent performances over the festival's two days, a variety of booths will also be on site to share music, enthusiasm, joy and care with everyone. Various booths and activities include a creative market displaying Taiwan's artistic-creation strengths, the Guan Hua Media Exhibit, food and drinks, a specially-organized second-hand "Recycling Old Sounds" music exchange booth, and a "Rock In Taichung Festival Limited Pastry" charity-sales booth.

2013 Rock In Taichung Festival
Place: Taichung City Wen-Xsin Forest Park and Fulfillment Amphitheater
Time: Sept. 7 and 8 (Sat/Sun), 1-10 p.m.
Free admission
Special Reminder: Please bring a raincoat in case of rain. Out of safety considerations, please do not use umbrellas during performances.

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