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2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival

Words by Taichung City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau
Translated by Angela Cheng

This year, the Taichung City Children's Art Festival will bring artistic creation to every corner of Taichung! Related activities include a children's artistic fun club, children's art Grand View Garden, large-scale performances by Paperwindmill Theatre, an artistic imaginary-vision world created by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and a "My home, Taichung" exhibition.

Besides Holotun Cultural Center and Wenxin Forest Park, this year's event will also hold activities for kids at the Taichung Port Sport Center in Wuqi district for the first time. All activities are free and all are welcomed to participate, enjoying beauty and planting artistic seeds everywhere during this extended Children's Day holiday.

The 2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival will open Holotoun Cultural Center's art plaza on Sunday, March 30. This venue will include entertainment/amusement equipment and attractions, vendors, and a play "children's fantasy castle" designed to create a special Children's Day atmosphere. During the Children's Day holiday, from Friday, April 4 to Sunday, April 6, there will be different artistic performances by groups such as Da-Kai Theater, Little Frog Theater, Stone Theater, Children's Face Theater, Mad Theater and the Lan Yang Dancers, plus other well-known children's artistic group. All of these will bring music, dancing, theater and other various performances at Wenxin Forest Park and Fulfillment Amphitheater.

In order to encourage parent-child participation in activities, there will be some interactive vendor booths operated by charity and performance groups that showcase a audio, visual and tactile feast for visitors. In addition, exhibits and displays such as "The Artistic Imaginary Vision World" from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,"My home, Taichung" and other impressive exhibitions will be showcased on site. To boost exposure and participation, Paperwindmill Theater will bring a large-scale performance to the Wuqi Sports Center on April 5, allowing more children to join this Children's Day event.

4/4, 6:30-9:30 pm Fulfillment Amphitheater
Don Quixote Adventures—Pegasus Galaxy
4/5, 7:30-9:30 pm Taichung Port Sports Center
Don Quixote Adventures—Pegasus Galaxy
Taichung Children's
Art Grand View
4/4-4/6, 10 am-5 pm
Wenxin Forest Park's
XiangShang Rd.
parking lot
Performance groups: Little Frog Theater, Stone Theater, Children's Face
Theater, Mad Theater, the Lan Yang Dancers

Parenting Interactive
Art Experience Market

Performing arts groups have incorporated their unique characteristics to plan and
design creative interactive programs that allow children to experience the arts.
Artistic Imaginary
Vision World from
National Taiwan
Museum of Fine Arts
Wenxin Forest Park
and nearby spaces
Famous paintings from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts have been used
to create a 3D photographic plate and games. "Storytelling Theater" is a story
about famous paintings while "Landscape Art"brings creative and aesthetic
educational experiences together.
My home, Taichung The 'white dolphin' mascot of Taichung's future MRT system is the main theme of
this exhibition, which educates kids about the current situation and future
developments by planning art installations at the city's landmarks and featuring
white dolphin-themed landscape art.

2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival

2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival

2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival

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