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'Fun 10' Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods Touring Exhibition

Words by Taichung City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau
Translated by Angela Cheng

Following outstanding, enthusiastic response from local and foreign tourists last year, the "Fun 10" Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods Tour Exhibition is here again! This year's event, designed to acquaint even more people with the Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods, starts on June 2 and will visit Dali, Qingshui, Wufeng and other areas.

Used cozy lodge as exhibition carrier and each neighborhood has its own story, highlighting the creative lifestyles and atmospheres of 10 Taichung neighborhoods, captured in images and color of neighborhoods and arranged into a corner with surprising arts, cultural and creative. Through this exhibition tour, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has integrated various fields and is working with six other government agencies, including the Urban Development Bureau, Agriculture, Information Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Tourism Bureau and Education Bureau to create, brand and market the Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods.

These top 10 neighborhoods are: Calligraphy Greenway cultural creative lifestyle neighborhood for slow, enjoyable strolls; Fengyuan lacquer art and pastry cultural creative lifestyle neighborhood with clever spirit; "put arts together" for Tunghai art street cultural creative lifestyle neighborhood' Shuangshi area cultural creative lifestyle neighborhood as a "time travel house"; the "young, fun, creative" Central District cultural creative industry neighborhood; "good food always" in the Fengjia creative food neighborhood; a "backyard tour" of the Houli horse recreation tourism industry neighborhood; "just like filming a movie" in the Wufeng audiovisual cultural creative industry neighborhood; "passing along skillful arts" in the Dajia cultural creative industry neighborhood; and the Xinshe flower recreation industry neighborhood as "flower path".

At each touring exhibition site, the Taichung Cultural Affairs has created a Taichung limited edition 3D landscape map to let residents find out most beautiful landmark in Taichung--the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House--and only could experience the surprising map at the site in person! Welcome resident and other visitors wait and see in addition to traveling through the Top 10 neighborhoods and experiencing these happy neighborhoods at the same time, you can also get the neighborhood limited postcard by participated in a "small lodge stamp collection with big FUN gift". A "Creative Market" will take place on Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition and there are interesting fun cultural creative products and handmade small items available, allowing visitors to fully experience the magical charm of Taichung's cultural creative attractions. There will also be live bands and performance arts, all part of this exciting cultural and creative carnival that is coming soon!

For more details, visit Facebook: 2014 FUN TEN 臺中文創十大街區巡迴展

'Fun 10' Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods Touring Exhibition

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