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The joys of horseback riding in Taichung
Houli Horse Ranch inside

The joys of horseback riding in Taichung
Han Wang Equestrian Club

The joys of horseback riding in Taichung
Horseback riding at Sky Zoo

The joys of horseback riding in Taichung

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

Established 63 years ago, Taichung's well-known Houli Horse Ranch owns many different kinds of horses that allow all to experience the joys of riding, including mini horses for kids, friendly horses for amateurs and trained horses for the more skilled. On the non-horse side, trees inside the ranch are all over a century old. Entry tickets are NT$100 for adults and NT$80 for children.

Another Taichung riding venue is Sky Zoo where, besides the horses, there are a variety of other animals that you can feed, making this a nice place to bring your family. Entry is NT$200 per person.

As one starts horseback riding, there comes the realization that it's not as easy as simply jumping onto the back of a horse. For one thing, great care is needed in maintaining a proper back and waist posture, keeping your arms relaxed while holding the reins tight and using your leg muscles to tightly grip the horse while keeping a good focus on where you are leading your mount. There is a natural rhythm in riding horses and some joke that 10 minutes of riding is the equivalent of using a back vibrator 10,000 times for a massage. Riding is simply a bit like a different kind of body massage, helping release tension in the joints and correcting bad posture.

In addition, riding can help you master your emotions and communicate well with your horse, so as not to exhaust each other's energies while building up a shared confidence through riding. If this sounds appealing and you want professional training, you can head for Han Wang Equestrian Club, which offers 10 classes for NT$15,000.

Houli House Ranch
41, SiShan Rd, Guang Fu Village, Houli Dist
(04) 2556-2531
8 am-5 pm

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