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72 Screen Golf

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Anna Yang

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Although golf is Taiwan's oldest organized sport, its local popularity still doesn't match South Korea, where the game is not only immensely popular but also an engrained part of corporate culture. However, Korean golfers do face a daunting challenge that their Taiwanese counterparts do not—long, frigid, snowy winters. Their solution? Thousands of the world's finest, most technologically advanced golf simulators, allowing one to practice or even play full 18-hole games on a variety of courses regardless of the weather outside.

Perhaps because of its much-touted climate, Taichung hasn't offered any of these high-tech indoor golfing experiences until several months ago, when 72 Screen Golf opened its 500-square-meter indoor golf center, featuring nine practice stations from Gswing, Korea's largest and most advanced simulator maker. Even more impressive are two separate rooms—equipped with HD projectors and a five-meter screens plus a moving, hydraulic swing plate that imitates real terrain—where groups (up to six; recommended for a max of four) can play 18-hole games. According to the center's Korean manager, Ji Hang Hur, this makes 72 Screen Golf the most advanced facility of its kind in Taiwan.

72 Screen Golf

All day and late into the evening, Taichung golfers can enjoy nine-hole individual putting and driving practice sessions and 18-hole games on 80-90 real Korean courses, using very detailed 3D graphics precisely created via precise GDPS equipment. Other features unique to this Gswing equipment include impressive 2,300 frame-per-second sensors and ball marking, allowing exact feedback on ball velocity, spin and other factors. Driving range modes also allow goal settings by distance and club and multiple situations that simulate wind and target distance scenarios.

Basic walk-in rates include NT$250/hour for the practice stations and NT$400/person/game before 4 p.m. and NT$600 after 4 p.m. for a 18-hole game. However, there are also various membership and pre-pay discounts offered, in addition to coaching assistance. Coffee, juice, beer and sodas can be purchased and customers are welcome to bring outside food to enjoy with their indoor golfing experience.

72 Screen Golf

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