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The Five Enjoyable Rural Central Taiwan Travel Routes

Translated by Anna Yang

The Soil and Water Conservatory Bureau of the Executive Yuan's Council of Agriculture has invited National Taichung University of Education Department of International Business Professor Lai Chih-song (operator), Professor Hsu Ker-Tah, and (cooperator), and Kung Chaang-yung (cooperator) to research tourist travel routes in central Taiwan's rural areas, in order to plan marketing to government employees and citizens. The project is related to this year's government employee and citizens travel policy as well as rural-area travel routes created last year by the Taichung Soil and Water Conservatory Bureau. Its goal is to examine and revise original countryside travel plans. Five enjoyable rural central Taiwan travel routes are being created for visitors wanting to enjoy a fun and leisurely exploration of these areas.

→ New Tech and Slow-Paced Living
(local destinations include Miaoli's Xinying and Jiasheng communities)
Route: Dushidi No. 1 and Farm to DIY Community Nougat Store to Hakka Bumachen Cultural Center to Tang's Temple to Wuwunchan Temple to DIY Hakka rice delicacies in store (by reservation only)

New Tech and Slow-Paced Living


→ An Ecological Journey with Waterways and Mountains
(local destinations include Miaoli's Liling and Jiuhu communities)
Route: Ginger Farm to Chu Guang Trail to Chrysanthemum Appreciation (based on its season) to Doyu Ecological Park to Sky Bridge

An Ecological Journey with Waterways and Mountains


→ 'Google' Xinyonfeng
(local destinations include Taichung's Xinshe and Yonfeng districts)
Route: Muxinquan Farm to Xinshe Castle to Mushroom Farm to Fojiachuan Farm to Baishan Fruit Farm to Malaolao Handmade Cookies Shop

'Google' Xinyonfeng


→ Bamboo-Butterfly Waterfall
(local destinations include Nantou's Nanfeng and Yixin communities)
Route: Taiyi Ecology Leisure Farm to Yuan Meng Tourist Farm to Meng Gu Waterfall to Yinshiluqu Leisure Farm

Bamboo-Butterfly Waterfall


→ A Farm Family-Friendly Journey
(local destinations include Changhua's Xidou, Pinghe, and Qiaotou communities)
Route: Color Fun Gallery to Grapes Museum to Paochu Meat Ball to Town of Jasmine (May to Oct.) to Secret Garden of Tree and Flower to Shuanxin Pond and Sunset Platform

A Farm Family-Friendly Journey

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