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Taichung Tea and Coffee in Taiwan - Rachel Chiou

Rachel Chiou's

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Roxy: Fat Brother Tea & Pub
320 Chenggong Rd, Chungua City
Tel:(04) 2724-0440


For years the Roxy (Pang Di's) has been a mainstay of both the tea/coffee set in the early evening and later in the evening the pub set.  The Roxy has always been able to blend the two seamlessly.

The atmosphere is lively and fun, with specially brought in palm trees out front and a fun and eclectic interior.  Typically packed on the weekends with a largely young clientele, it really heats up in the evening.  The bands keep the place pumping, and the energy rises as the evening moves on.

Having been this way for years, this is hardly news.  I have visited Roxy many times, but this time I was in for a surprise.

Once upon a time I lived in Changhua, and during those years the only way to get decent western food was to go up to Taichung.  I had tried Roxy food in years past, and while it was the best in town and they made decent sandwiches it wasn't good enough to deter a trip up north.

For the current residents of Changhua there is finally a choice Roxy now has some good western food.

Too much 'Chinese' food in Western countries is bland, too sweet, made with the wrong ingredients and changed to suit Western taste.  It's exactly the same here with Western food especially in places like Changhua.  Imagine my surprise when I was served up Schweinshax'n (Rotisserie broiled pork hock) salty and laden with genuinely sour sauerkraut!  It was really good!

This shouldn't deter you from dropping in for an iced coffee (I know many who swear by them), a tea, a beer or a cocktail in order to soak up the atmosphere or check out the bands.  After all, that is what made them famous in the first place and make them this month's one and only Compass Liquid Spot!


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