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COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2006

Sunny box

-- By Ivy Shih Translated by Sho Huang

290, XiangShang S. Road, Sec. 1
480, JianXing Road
77, HanKou Road, Sec. 1
(04) 2473-2107
Hours:11 am-12:30 am

There are times, when you're hanging out with friends, that someone wants a cup of coffee, someone wants bubble tea, someone wants just a snack, while someone else has the appetite of a cow. The next time a situation like this comes up, Sunny Box is a good option for fulfilling everyone's needs.

Sunny Box, like most other complex teashops, provides a big variety of drinks and food. There are numerous ways of ordering your black tea, juices and coffee. With so many choices, you might even have trouble deciding what you really want. From meat main dishes, Cantonese snacks, roast Taiwanese snacks, french fries and fried chicken, to different-flavored sandwiches and even hot pots, anything you can think of or can't think of can be found here. You have to admire whoever came up with the menu.

The place is bright and clean. Looking at the flower blossoms in the garden puts you in a great mood right away. Spacious seating can accommodate huge groups. With a minimum charge of only NT$50 per person, you can chat and kill time by reading the magazines here over a fragrant cup of pearl milk tea or other drink. The most expensive dish on the menu, a goodie-filled hot pot, is around NT$250.

Whichever of Sun Box's three branches you go to, you'll no doubt find these places full of customers who are drawn to the cheap yet delicious food and drinks.


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