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Carol's Kitchen for Good Food and Coffee

120, ZhongXing Street
(04) 2305-0518
Hours:11:30 am-10:30 pm
(2-5 pm tea time)
Credit cards not accepted.

---By Pei-Rong Cai Translated by Sho Huang

Carol's Kitchen for Good Food and Coffee, situated on quiet ZhongXing Street, used to serve simple set meals. However, the restaurant changed owners, as well as its decor and menu, last year. Today, it serves European French country-style cuisine.
The Deluxe Afternoon Tea Set Meal (NT$180) offers one of three different combination choices and a long drinks list to choose from. The options are broad and include a thick soup, yogurt fruit, Mexican vegetable burrito, classic delicious cakes, Italian desserts, French country-style garlic bread, fresh vegetable fruit salad, and pasta.

The menu also has a French European Classic Steak, Au Gratin and Spanish Risotto, and Low Cholesterol and Energy Kids' Meals, in addition to coffees and juices. The restaurant specialty, Grilled Goat Chops with Pesto, is served with barbecued, tender lamb chops. Another popular dish is Roast Chicken of Southern France (NT$380), prepared with 90-day-old chicken marinated with wheat germ and various spices for a very pleasing and tasty effect. Thailand Spicy Sauce in Baked Chicken with Spaghetti or Vallian Rice (NT$260) is another highly-recommended dish.

The attractive owner used to run a restaurant in Taipei and insists on both high-quality food and service. Every decorative item in the restaurant is carefully selected to add to the classic French atmosphere, from the chandelier, velvet curtains and black glass to Thai-style seaweed decorations. Black and gold are the main theme colors and help create a glamourous yet romantic ambience, which is exactly what the owner aims for. The end result is an exotic, yet relaxing, dining space that incorporates simple, romantic elements.


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