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Eldorado Coffee

By Jenny Translated by Ann Lee

5, Lane 233, MinQuan Road
(04) 2301-0145
Hours:2 pm-9 pm
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted.

Eldorado sells coffee-related utensils and coffee beans that the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Mai, grow on their own coffee plantation farm. Mrs. Mai actually hails from Brazil, where her family grows coffee, so all the coffee brewed at Eldorado uses beans directly imported from Brazil. All this gives them strict control over the whole process, from production to delivery, ensuring pure, high-quality coffee beans that customers can really savor.

Located off an alley near TaiZhongGang Road, this place is really only known to connoisseurs. Having devoted 16 years in Brazil to the coffee-appraisal business, Mr. Mai is famiiliar with rankings, costs and suitable distribution locations as far as coffee goes. After his return to Taiwan, he picked up with the same business for about eight years. In the process, what originally started out as an ordinary coffee shop turned into a place that also supplies coffee appliances. Here you can find about 20 kinds of Brazilian coffee beans, which are all 100-percent Arabica beans. People who visit Eldorado usually take time to sample the different coffee flavors, too.

Appropriately, the shop's Chinese "Zhou Bi" name comes from the renowned Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Mr. Mai says that a good cup of coffee should have a supple sensation, great aroma and nice aftertaste, and should not give you insomnia or any discomfort. While there is no menu here, the Mais will custom-make a coffee that is most suitable for you, depending on your gender, age and physique, and whether you smoke or not. Each single-brand coffee is NT$100 per cup. Most popular among customers is the Cherry Coffee (so named because of the color and shape of its beans).
Eldorado offers a door-to-door delivery service. Last but not least, you can also find instant organic German coffee packets (NT$300 each) for sale here, with each making up to 50 small-sized cups.


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