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EJ Coffee

EJ Coffee

EJ Coffee
Special Flavor Cumquat
This special drink has lemon
juice, passion fruit and freshly-
squeezed tangerine juice
added. A sip of it pleases your
palate with subtle but fragrant
mix of flavors--sour, sweet
and smooth.

EJ Coffee

By Uvia Chang Translated by Naomi Lai

(04) 2327-2098
2, JingMing 1st St
Hours: 7am-9 pm(一~五), 8 am-9 pm(六)
opens 8 am Sat, closed Sundays

EJ Coffee is among your best choices on the popular Tea Street (JingMing 1st Street) shopping district when you want to take a break to rest your feet and quench your thirst.

The blackboard above the counter clearly states what coffees, teas and snacks are available, such as Americano, Espresso and Mocha coffees, Japanese green tea, smoothies, sandwiches, bagels, toast and multi-grain burgers. And yet all of the above costs only between NT$30 and NT$40, around the same prices found at Taichung ubiquitous tea stands but of a higher quality.

EJ Coffee's management says that quality is ensured by the fact that, before introducing a product to its customers, the shop conducts extensive taste tests with the boss, staff and even customers until they are satisfied, thus guaranteeing the best taste and quality. Although take-out is available, it's also nice to take a seat at an outdoor table here and watch the passersby, or just sit in the air-conditioned interior and spend your afternoon sipping yummy drinks and reading all the magazines on the shelf. With the purchase of a drink, one can enjoy the free wi-fi service without a password and easily escape into cyberspace.

Perhaps this explains why a large lunchtime crowd--including office workers and other regulars--gather here, despite the fact EJ doesn't offer meals; they bring their own lunchboxes or have their orders from the restaurants nearby delivered here, then order a drink. The shop owner is quite easy-going about this, which keeps the crowds coming.

EJ Coffee EJ Coffee
Left: Latte (NT$58) and a Flavored Latte with hazelnut, caramel, vanilla and almond (NT$60)
Lin Feng Ying, a well-known dairy, is the shop's only source of milk, which is mixed with the freshly-ground Arabica coffee beans. Guests enjoy this aromatic coffee to the last drop even without the sugar.
Right: Grapefruit Juice (NT$40/small, NT$50/big) and Toast Rolls (NT$40)
One really gets their money's worth with this drink, which goes well with the fragrant baked toast and ham, as the shop uses only 100%, fresh grapefruit juice that allows you to enjoy full sweet and sour flavors of the fruit.

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