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Retro Coffee

Retro Coffee

Retro mojo coffee

A cosmopolitan sanctuary of books and music

By Marshall Translated by Naomi Lai

(04) 2375-5592
116, WuQuan W Rd, Sec 1
Hours: 7:30 am-10 pm (open weekends 8:30 am-11 pm)
No service charge. Credit cards not accepted.

If you happen to be walking in the vicinity of MeiCun and WuQuan West roads, near the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, there's a good chance you'll catch a rich whiff of coffee, followed by the lazy, relaxing sounds of blues music. This means that you've arrived at Retro Coffee, the sister branch of Taichung's already well-known Mojo Coffee.

Retro has a similar decoration theme as Mojo, with high ceilings, open space and large wooden shelves on the walls. Here, patrons can select both brewed and syphon coffees with variations like Caffe Latte, Caramel Macchiato or White Chocolate Coffee. Retro also offers three to four daily types of plain coffee, made with beans from various origins. Order a cup of freshly-made Caffe Latte (NT$120) or Flavored Americano (NT$130) and relax while immersing yourself in some blues melodies on the first floor.

On Retro's second floor book area, you can also find yourself a comfortable chair and read a lovely novel while enjoying a cup of Bailey's Caffe Latte (NT$160). Bring your friends here on weekend evenings for a Retro summer concert (phone reservations needed), when you can listen to live music from around the world. At such events, you'll find your fellow patrons enjoying the music with perhaps a bottle of British Fuller's Beer (NT$200), a cup of Ceylon Milk Tea (NT$130) or a glass of Iced Italian Soda (NT$140). Thanks to Retro, it's times like these that Taichung feels especially cosmopolitan.

Retro Coffee Retro Coffee
Left: Caramel Cinnamon Rolls coffee
Right: White Mocha

Compass Magaine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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