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Allo Friend Design & Humanities Space


Allo Friend Design & Humanities Space


Allo Friend Design & Humanities Space

39, HuaMei St, West District
(04) 2375-1740 / 0919-836-997
Hours: 11 am-12 am
(closed Tuesdays)
Credit cards not accepted.
Minimum bill NT$90 per person.

From its appearance, it's pretty hard to tell whether Allo is a design workshop or coffee shop. Although it's only been open a short time, this place already has quite a reputation in artistic circles, and is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate both great design and coffee. Allo was opened by five individuals who have known each other since junior high school, and can be considered both a cafe and small boutique furniture shop. The owners' central concept is "to share" and their aim is to combine design and life, sharing this beauty with their customers. --By Natasha Lee, translated by Angel Pu

A. Besides the interior's natural atmosphere, the owners also focus on communicating the spirit of humanity here. A point of interaction with the customers is a bar fronting the kitchen island. Behind this is the designers' workspace, allowing them to move in and out easily to chat with patrons without disrupting their work area.

B. The five designers here have a passion for coffee, which dominates the menu together with light foods. A popular winte drink is Allo Sveglia, served in a cocktail glass. It's made with a base of peppermint liquor and the middle layer is rich espresso, topped by a layer of pure-white, snowy froth and fresh mint leaves that represent spring. Besides this vivid-looking drink, there's the Strawberry Waffle(NT$150), only available in winter. These and other items make Allo Cafe a perfect place for an enjoyable afternoon tea time.

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