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Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee

By Natasha Lee Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2526-6922
439, FengYuan Blvd, Sec 3, Fengyuan District
Hours: 12 pm-10 pm
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.
No parking lot (parking spaces are easy to find).

Equator Coffee, located on FengYuan Boulevard, Section 3, allows you to enjoy its top-quality coffee beans in a comfortable space. The owner is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to tasting and making coffee and the cafe largely focuses on offering wholesale coffee beans and coffee-tasting guidance.

While there are many folks who need at least a couple cups of coffee per day, not everyone has developed a discerning coffee palate. Fascinated by coffee and curious about the different smells and flavors of beans produced in different parts of the world, the owner often purchases and selects the highest-quality beans to serve to his equally-picky customers. Commercially-sold coffees commonly use beans from Indonesia and Vietnam, often making coffees all taste about the same. If you are willing to take some time to gain a deeper understanding, you're welcome to come to Equator, have a chat with the owner and taste coffees you have never tried before, with the price for a cup here ranging between NT$120 and NT$300.

The owner himself spent a great deal of time designing and building the new Equator cafe. Its interior decor features mostly dark-colored wooden furniture for a sober, down-to-earth atmosphere. The second-floor area has comfy sofas and big windows providing natural light and great mountain views that customers can enjoy while drinking coffee.

Equator takes its patrons on coffee excursions around the world and most of them are coffee connoisseurs who have become the owner's good friends. To ensure his customers the freshest coffee beans, the owner has no menu. Rather, they can inform him of their favorite flavors and smells and he'll select a choice to suit them. Although Equator offers lattes, the owner stresses that a cup of good coffee should not have any added extra flavors and should be consumed black. He also recommends Guatemalan coffee beans because they have a special roasted flavor resembling baked sweet potatoes, with a black tea-like color and smooth, slightly flowery and fruity flavor.

Equator Coffee Equator Coffee

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