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Enjoying refreshing juice and light meals in summertime--Da Juice Man, Juice Bar, Guo Zi, Juice Star

The recent toxic plasticizer contamination scare has forced many people give up some their favorite drinks. A good substitute, free of the fear of toxins, is a natural, fresh-made drink with tasty light meal, perfect for healthy summer.

By May Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

Da Juice Man



Da Juice Man

371, GongYi Rd, West District
Closed 停業

This store offers a cozy space with AC and wireless Internet. The light meals available here include spaghetti, submarine sandwiches, salads and various desserts. The prices for eight kinds of juice run from NT$40 to NT$100. All fruit varieties here are very fresh and have GAP certificates, so the customers don't have to worry about the quality of their drinks.

A: Berryland (NT$75) -- Blueberries, grapes, strawberries and cranberries have their own unique sweet-and-sour flavors, but they combine perfectly when mixed together. This delicious drink also contains bits of fruit.

B: Mango Juice (NT$50), Tomato Juice (NT$70), Kiwi and Pineapple Juice (NT$60) -- These drinks have a beautiful, glossy color and are very refreshing. The golden mango juice uses top-quality mangoes and every sip is like taking a bite into the fruit itself. Tomato Juice uses beefsteak tomatoes, which have a special aroma and sweetness. As for Kiwi and Pineapple Juice, the flavor of pineapples reduces the sour intensity of the kiwi and highlights its aromas.

C: Mini Burrito (NT$60), Chef's Crispy French Fries (NT$80) -- The filling of these burritos includes chicken and beef, and the flavors are very full. The fries are also made of fresh potatoes, which gives them a natural original flavor.

Da Juice Man Da Juice Man


Juice Bar

Juice Bar

Juice Bar

35, MeiCun Rd, Sec 1, West District
(04) 2329-3215
Hours: 9:30 am-10:30 pm
(opened all year round)
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

Although he has two master's degrees, youthful Chiayi-native owner Mr. Wu aims to develop Taiwan's fruit agriculture in his own way. He is very serious about the quality of his fruit and understands the impact of location and techniques for cultivating better produce. According to him, fruit must be very fresh if the juice is going to be delicious. He also uses natural sucrose or honey to highlight the uniqueness of every fruit flavor. His fresh-made juices come in 500 and 700 cc sizes, with prices ranging from NT$35 to NT$100.

A: Juice Mixture (NT$70) -- This mix contains the juice of apples, pineapples, watermelon and tomatoes, which perfectly complement each other. The fruit in this concoction also change with the seasons.

B: Lemon and Aiyu Jelly (NT$45) -- The owner uses wild Aiyu jelly figs, which are only harvested once a year. The glowing yellow color and chewy texture make this a delicious must-try. The brown sugar, lemon juice and Aiyu jelly figs also make a perfect combination.

C: Avocado Milk (NT$70) --This beautiful, light-green juice has a very unique flavor. If you haven't had one before, you're welcome to come and try this most popular drink yourself.
D: Beautiful fruit are displayed on both sides of the store, which has three banana chairs designed by the owners.

Juice Bar Juice Bar


Guo Zi

Guo Zi

358, FuShun Rd, Xitun District
(04) 2463-1829
Hours: 6:30 am-6 pm
(closed Sundays)
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

The owner here aims to offer juice that is as fresh as possible, as it's made with freshly-picked fruit that is prepared with a high-speed blender, which helps preserve nutritional content. These pure fruit and vegetables drinks are NT$40 to NT$60, while light meals like waffles and burgers are NT$15 to NT$45. High fiber soymilk (NT$15-20) is made of non-GMO soybeans with oats.

A: The Vegetables and Fruit Drink (NT$50) contains the juice of apples, pineapples, beetroots and alfalfa sprouts. There's absolutely no sugar in this drink, only the natural sweetness of beetroots and the refreshing taste of alfalfa sprouts.

B: Ashitaba ("tomorrow's leaf") Juice (NT$45) -- The fresh ashitaba has an intense flavor, so the owner balances this by adding regular and dried fruit to replace any sugar and create a smoother flavor.

C: Pork Chop Lunch Box with Poached Egg, Vegetables and Fruits (NT$45) -- There are five flavors to choose from for these lunch boxes, which are only available 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Meals all come with lettuce, seasonal fruis and a steamed sweet potato. Adding only NT$5 allows you to choose additional items such as toast and jam, an original-flavor waffle, and 10-grain rice. The owners note that this meal is very popular with white-collar workers.

Guo Zi Guo Zi


Juice Star

Juice Star

382, MeiTing St, North District
(04) 2207-7768
Hours: 12 am-9 pm
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.
Parking lot available.

For the love of agriculture, the owner, who was once an executive in a technology company, wants to live and practice his dreams in his own way. This fashionable-looking place attracts those who really love fresh fruit. According to the owner, the most delicious fruit usually are not the ones which look best. Sometimes, ordinary-looking fruit offer the best quality. This store also offers homemade yogurt drinks, including two popular flavors pineapple and lemon, plus smoothies (NT$90-110), pineapple cakes (NT$35), pineapple jam (NT$250/NT$400) and lemon cakes (NT$70/slice). These popular items are all-natural without any artificial additives.

A: Pineapple Yogurt Drink (NT$90) -- This homemade yogurt drink is one of the most popular drinks in the store. Because it's made with all-natural ingredients, the flavors linger in your mouth for some time. The pineapples are free of any pesticide residue and are not genetically modified. The delicious pineapple cakes are made of the same great high-quality pineapples and natural vanilla seeds.

B: Cranberry Smoothie (NT$110) -- This drink has a solid texture, lovely fruit fragrance and a beautiful color, great for summertime enjoyment.

C: Lemon cakes (NT$70) -- The lemons used here are Bio-dynamic Agriculture crops, which grow naturally without artificial influences.

Juice Star Juice Star


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