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Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe

Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe

Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe

(formerly Mi Fang Cafe)

By Niang Chen
Translated by Betsy Shepard

2, JingCheng 20th St, West District
(04) 2310-7009
Hours: 9 am-5:30 pm
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted.

All coffee connoisseurs have their personal brewing principles. Thus, it's not surprising that even the humorous owner of this cafe, Jason Zheng, becomes very serious whenever he talks about coffee.

Terra Bella offers over a hundred types of coffee beans for sale, and customers can boost their knowledge by discussing these with Jason, who sometimes gives a hands-on coffee-brewing demonstration if he has time. Despite his 18-plus years coffee-roasting experience, he still keeps a close eye on the temperature and time during this process.

Having researched all kinds of beans for a very long time, Jason knows the unique characteristics and flavors of each variety and the best way to roast it. For example, Asian coffee beans need to be dark-roasted to enhance their sugar-honey flavor; beans grown in Puerto Rico are suitable for medium roasting to enhance the smoky grain flavors; bittersweet-tasting Monsoomed Malabaraa beans from India can only be enhanced by a lengthy dark-roasting process; and Brazilian beans need to be light roasted to maintain their lighter wheat aroma. Whatever kind of process is needed, Jason insists that they be fully roasted.

A good cup of coffee is like a bottle of good wine, with its unique aroma, bitterness, fruitiness and other flavors. When Kona Green Well (NT$1,800/pound) from Hawaii, for example, is freshly brewed, it has a delicate aroma. After it cools a bit, it takes on a vivid, fruity, sour taste, and when it's cold, it becomes noticeably thick-flavored. A good coffee like this shows a spectrum of attractive characteristics that attracts drinkers as they discover them.

Thanks to the fact that Terra Bella has hundreds of beans from all over the world (NT$380-NT$4,000/pound) there's no way you won't find one you like. For those who enjoy making coffee at home, this is also a good place for you to broaden your knowledge of coffee-making.

Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe

Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe Terra Bella Fine Roasted Cafe

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