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Aadi Coffee brings Nepalese coffee, ambiance to Taichung

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

709, TaiPing Rd, Taiping District
(04) 2279-9878
Hours: 12:30-9 pm
(closed Sundays)

The Himalayan nation of Nepal boasts a lack of industrial pollution and a population that demonstrates a respect for nature. Although the soil there is not that fertile, the climate is good enough to allow farmers to cultivate famed Himalayan coffee beans.

Aadi Coffee is a Taiping district cafe that specially offers Himalayan coffee, various Nepalese handicrafts, decorations, jewelry and religious goods such as incense, prayer wheels and copper bowls. To make the atmosphere even more authentic-feeling, even the tables and chairs have all been imported from Nepal.

While coffee shops are found on every corner in Taiwan, one that only offers Himalayan coffee is pretty rare. The medium-roasted coffee beans have a unique woody fragrance that is not strong but lasts for a long period of time. This atttribute comes from the fact that Nepal coffee trees grow in a pollution-free environment, allowing them to freely absorb the smells and essence of the flowers, soil and forest.

In addition to its unique, savory coffee, Aadi's exotic ambiance provides a friendly ambiance that welcomes all customers from the moment they enter. Jin Dian Coffee (NT$140/cup; NT$440/0.5 lb.) has a light aroma which lingers in your mouth. Qing Zui Coffee (NT$100/cup; NT$440/0.5 lb.) is treated with wine and herbs during roasting, giving it a sweet, wine-like smell that is very appealing.

For dessert, Aadi offers simple but delicious homemade waffles (NT$110). It's also worth noting that owner Ms. Huang is a tarot-card master; customers interested in finding out more about this are welcome to call for information.

阿蒂咖啡 阿蒂咖啡

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