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Old House New Life
The flyers for some galleries
can be found in a corner.

Old House New Life
From the beams and pillars to
a table that once was a
dressing table, everything in
this cafe has a history.

Old House New Life

By May Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

124, DaCheng St, North District; (04) 2223-3124
Hours:11 am-10 pm
(closed Tuesdays)
Credit cards not accepted.
NT$100 minimum charge.

Despite being located on a narrow street, Old House New Life attracts a lot of attention because its vintage building is a rarity. However, if it weren't for owners A-wei and Rita's hard work and persistence, this 70-year-old structure probably would have never had a second chance at life. To help guarantee the authentic-tasting food and drinks, the owners consulted tea experts about proper tea brewing and tasting techniques. Their iced drinks, like the signature Pear Slushy and Seasoned Millet Mash ("mian cha" in Chinese) Slushy remind Taiwanese of the good ol' days.

Old House New Life also focuses on art and culture. In addition to posted information about galleries like Artqpie, Allo, CAME ZA, and Petit Deer on the first floor, the second floor is opened for monthly art exhibitions. This space has been booked until next year with advance details about the latest exhibits on their Facebook page.

Old House New Life Cranberry Cheese Cake (NT$60)--All cakes and cookies here are egg-free, low-sugar and reduced-butter. This Cranberry Cheese Cake is literally packed with cranberries and cheese, and diners love its rich, creamy and refreshing tast-sour flavor. The hot teas range between NT$100 to NT$120 and the aromatic flower tea is the best companion to the flavorful cakes.
Old House New Life Ciabatta (NT$80)--This delicious Italian bread sandwich contains pineapples, tomatoes, soft egg sheet and at least five types of fresh fruit. It goes great with the hand-brewed coffees (NT$100-110).
Old House New Life Pear Slushy (NT$130)--This summery drink contains healthy, aromatic preserved young pears and you'll only find it here.

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