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Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal

Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal

Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal

Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

28, BaoQing St, Xitun District
(04) 2700-3308
Hours: 11 am-10 pm holidays 8 am-10 pm
Chinese only.
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Plant Plan is a cafe/restaurant that offers an attractive combination of satisfying food and drinks and a great interior design. As soon as you enter this place, its warm and soothing lighting immediately helps you feel more relaxed and in the mood to sit down and sample some desserts and good coffee.

This establishment only serves vegetarian cuisine that may contain eggs and dairy products, including pasta and risotto entrees (NT$120). When it comes to beverages and desserts, two good respective options are the creamy and aromatic Cappuccino (NT$80) and soft, moist Tiramisu (NT$70, alcohol-free), filled with caramel, coffee and mascarpone cheese. Such savory, well-made delights will help at least temporarily erase most worries or burdens that may have been hanging over your head before you arrived at the beautifully-decorated Plant Plan.

Other handmade desserts available include the hot Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie (NT$70), featuring a thin crust, not-too-sweet filling and a refreshing, mild flavor. The Cranberry and Apple Tea (NT$100) exudes the rich smell of berries, and adding sugar will emphasize the fruity-sour taste of apples. The orangey aromatic Rooibos Tea (NT$100) contains lemongrass and goes well with any dessert.

For coffee lovers, Plant Plan offers hand-brewed coffees (NT$120) such as the aromatic Sumatran Mandheling Coffee and refreshing Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. Both of these make Honey Waffles (NT$70) even more delicious when enjoyed together.

Surprisingly, a laid-back afternoon can be quite easily constructed around a cup of good coffee or a pot of flower and fruit tea. That alone makes a visit to Plant Plan to enjoy its romantic atmosphere and delicious offerings very worthwhile.

Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal Plant Plan Coffee & Light Meal

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