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Juggler Café

Juggler Café
Stormin' Norman (NT$180)

Juggler Café

Juggler Café
Vegemite Soldiers (NT$180)

Juggler Café
Piccolo Latte (NT$100)

Juggler Café
Flat White (NT$100/small,

Flat White & Vegemite: Juggler Café's taste of Down Under

By Lucy Lin
Translated by Angel Pu

4, Lane 498, HuaMei St, West Dist.
(04) 2328-3258
Hours: 9 am-6 pm (closed Mon.)

Have you tried, or even heard of, authentic Australian coffee? The owner of Juggler Cafe, which opened about a year ago, aims to create a true Austrialian-style cafe, from its interior to coffee drinks and food.

Owner Jeromy lived in Australia for some time and always wanted to open a coffee shop of his own, which he did in December, 2012. His cafe's authentic Australian eats are not only for Taiwanese who want to sample a taste of Down Under, but also for local Australians wanting something that reminds them of home.

Juggler uses light-roasted beans from Columbia, Brazil and Ethiopia to create its coffee choices, of which the most special are the Piccolo Latte and Flat White, both unique to Australia. The foam of the popular Flat White (NT$100/small, NT$140/large) is only 0.5 centimeters thick--thinner than regular lattes--giving it a stronger coffee flavor. The Piccolo Latte (NT$100) is actually a smaller-sized latte. This 90 cc drink contains less milk, adding to its appeal as an essential breakfast drink for many Aussies, not to mention one of the most popular coffees in Australia

Besides various coffees, there are also beverages like the NT$140 Hot Chocolate (Belgian chocolate 50%) and Mixed Berry Smoothie with Mint (NT$150).

The cafe also provides light meals that are common in Australia and the owner takes great care with his ingredients to ensure that his customers enjoy food that is both delicious and healthy food. For example, the "Stormin' Norman" (NT$180) features a poached free-range chicken egg on top of lettuce from a Puli organic farm, avocado and tomatoes, all stacked on sour dough bread. Another popular, very Aussie item is the "Vegemite Soldiers" (NT$180) breakfast--pieces of bread with vegemite spread and a couple boiled eggs, together with a small side salad.

Other food items include Ricotta Cheese with Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg on Sour Dough (NT$230), Bacon Egg with Pesto and Cheese on Sour Dough (NT$170), muffins (NT$70), banana bread made by Jeromy himself, and gelato.

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