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December Gallery: "Home of Arts & Brunch"

By Joey Keithley Translated by Angel Pu
Photos from December Gallery

223-3, FengJia Rd, 2F, Xitun Dist.
Hours: 9 am-3 pm (closed Mon)
English menu available.
minimum charge NT$120
Hours: 9 am-6 pm (closed Mon.)

Living one's dream is something very few have the courage to do. However, artist Miu Chung has done just that, creating something truly unique: A working artist's studio open to the public early in the day for excellent brunches, combining a passion for creating art with a love for good homemade food made from quality, often home-grown, ingredients.

The brunches are a select menu of four reasonably-priced main-course options, and all come with salad, scrambled eggs, homemade baked beans (that take three days to prepare), homemade bread and a standard drink. Among the standard-drink choices are freshly squeezed kiwi and grape juice alongside coffee and a range of tea (by the pot) options. No MSG is used in her meals.

十二月藝食廊 十二月藝食廊 十二月藝食廊
Left: The bright, sunny interior is well-lit.
Medium: December is located on FengJia Road, just south of XiTun Road on the second floor across from the park..
Right: Patrons are encouraged to get creative.

The space is small with limited seating but bright and lively with everything from lamps to signage--all handmade by the artist-exuding a pervasive, infectious enthusiasm. Paper and over 100 colours of crayons are offered to visitors to create their own artworks, and the artist herself might even share a few drawing tips and techniques to guests unsure of how to get started. These patron-created artworks can incorporated into a T-shirt design in less than a day for NT$390, or transferred onto a print for framing and hanging on a wall for NT$390 (33 x 21 cm.; other sizes by price quote; up to a four-day wait).

十二月藝食廊 十二月藝食廊
Left: The Juicy Thick-Cut Steak (NT$219) pairs a quality piece of meat with homemade goodies.
Right: Italian-style Herbal Chicken Breast (NT$189) is tender and juicy.

Take some time to peruse the knickknacks, artworks and creative items scattered all around and you'll undoubtedly find something to your liking. Most likely, the item won't be expensive, either. Miu, who originally hails from Hong Kong, cheerfully admits she isn't trying to get rich, but just trying to make enough to get by so she can keep doing what she loves best. She also loves living in Taiwan, a country she feels is very "tender" and makes her happy. Art classes take place after the brunch time ends at 3 p.m., with small classes of a maximum three people learning drawing or painting (NT$450/person for 1.5-hour lesson).

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