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De Reve Cafe: Much more than coffee & tea

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angela Cheng

411, MinQuan Rd, North Dist.
(04) 2201-0077
Hours: 11:30 am-9:30 pm (last food order 8:30 pm)
lunch 11:30 am-1:30 pm, dinner 6:30-8:30 pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

De Reve is one of those establishments where the word "cafe" just doesn't sum up all that is available. While the upscale, modern Continental-style chic certainly makes it a cool place to linger over a drink or the very popular afternoon tea specials, you can also enjoy heartier full-course dining here.

De Reve Cafe De Reve Cafe

Since its opening early in 2014, De Reve has offered a full range of surprisingly reasonable food and drink options, from 100% juices (a big hit withe female customers), European-style scented teas (NT$140-200) and coffees, to its two-person NT$699 Afternoon Tea (actually available any time), which pleases the palate and eyes with its Eiffel Tower dessert holder. From the beginning, it has also offered a variety of dining fare, from baked rice/pasta dishes to salads and burgers--including an exquisite Truffle Sauce Cheese Steak Burger (NT$320).

De Reve Cafe De Reve Cafe  De Reve Cafe
Medium: Chef's Special Filet and Red Wine Sauce (NT$480)
Right: Baked Spring Chicken (NT$380)

Recently, dining options have grown even further with a De Reve Special Meals menu, featuring four main courses like the Chef's Special Filet and Red Wine Sauce (NT$480) or Baked Spring Chicken (NT$380), which can be expanded to 'A', 'B' and 'C' set meals for NT$90-250 extra. Another great option is the lunch/dinner NT$1,088 De Reve Two-Person Set Meal, which offers excellent value with salad and appetizer choices, a choice of two (out of six) main entrees--such as Bacon Vegetable White Sauce Gratin Rice or Sicilian Seafood Herb Baked Rice--plus two drinks and a "honey toast" dessert choice.

The above-noted "honey toast" dessert is an absolute must-try, as it truly stands apart from more common versions of this popular local invention. This summer, De Reve's chefs have created two special versions--using Irwin mangoes, or brandy apples--of this dessert (NT$260). For the latter choice, a big shell of French-style bread is baked with honey, hollowed out and filled to overflowing with soft ice cream and big apple chunks, dusted with cinnamon. This delicious, not-too-sweet creation tastes just like the classic American apple pie and ice cream combo and will delight local and foreign palates alike.

Other appealing desserts (also offered for take-out) include Mille-feuille, Tiramisu and macarons, just a few more reasons that De Reve continues to fill up with customers every day.

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