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Lady Sasa: for the love of homemade desserts, and cats

By Natasha Lee
Translated by Angela Cheng

1, Lane 44, MinQuan Rd, Central Dist.
Hours: Wed-Fri 2:30-6 pm; Sat & Sun 2:30-7 pm (closed Mon./Tue.)
Minimum charged NT$80.
No tel. number (it is recommended that guests first visit the cafe's Facebook fan page to confirm a few hours before visiting: facebook.com/ladysasatw)

On their first excursion to Lady Sasa, some visitors may be struck by the illusion of being in a random Tokyo alley. However, this is actually Taichung's oldest district where, in recent years, many young people with cultural and creative ideas have made their dreams into reality. This in turn has made this part of town ideal for tourists and residents wanting to experience Taiwan's "slow movement".

Lady Sasa Lady Sasa

Lady Sasa and its petite universe were created by two friends, Sasa and Amber, who love baking as well as cats. Their investments of time and energy have slowly transformed a 40-year-old house into a symbol of these shared affections. Sasa, who has focused on baking for the past decade, is mainly responsible for baking all sorts of fresh, carefully-made delicacies each day as part of her unending love for desserts and desire to share this with more people.

Lady SasaA.  Lady SasaB.

A. Lady Sasa's three treasures are fresh Apple Cinnamon Cake (NT$65), the Brownie (NT$65) and Marble Cake (NT$65), available daily with other varying weekly special desserts. Friends wanting to sample desserts together can opt for the "Dessert Share" special, including any three, or four, NT$65 desserts for NT$190 or NT$250, respectively. While sweetness levels are designed for Taiwanese palates, all of these handmade desserts are full-flavored creations. The Brownie is a great example with a solid flavor that includes double layers of chocolate cake
topped with chocolate sauce.

B. Female customers tend to gush over Ice Rose Latte's (NT$90) three clear colors layers. The bottom layer is mixed rose syrup and milk; the middle is coffee; the top is thick, strongly-flavored foam with a smooth texture and fresh rose aftertaste that goes great with desserts. Both hot and iced versions are served.

Lady SasaC. Thanks to the owners' design-related backgrounds, there are little bits of creativity displayed everywhere at Lady Sasa, which has an overall warm and comforting interior ambiance that mixes some Japanese influences with industrial style. If you are cat lover, Sasa sometimes places one of her seven cats from home "on duty" here. Customers also bring their cats here for afternoon tea, meaning that you may make some new furry friends here.

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