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Relaxing all-day drinks, dining at Next Door Cafe

By Chloe Huang
Translated by S. Ying

422, HuaMei St, West Dist
(04) 2326-2963
Hours: 8 am-9 pm
No service charge.

Next Door Cafe is located on HuaMei West Street at the site of what used to be an old bar, now transformed by the cafe owner into a modern cafe. Because he was a hair stylist at an adjacent salon and the cafe was always referred to as "next door" during renovations, he decided to keep this friendly, easy-to-remember name.

The spacious seating area has a high ceiling and big windows that bring in lots of natural light, brightening up customers' moods and creating a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. The owner--who has both culinary and interior design experience--came up with a special northern European-inspired design and spatial concept and added many unique elements, including an abundance of green plants and natural wood furniture to generate a naturalistic setting.

Daily-fresh, made-to-order coffees here reflect the owner's care when designing the breakfast, lunch and snacks menus. All items here are made with fresh ingredients and various set meals can be paired with different breads such as olive bread and french buns, and come with salad and vegetable purees. Appetizers and set-meal items change according to seasonal ingredients so that customers can enjoy the freshest, healthiest meals.

The afternoon tea time, from 1:30 to 8 p.m. includes a variety of organic teas or fresh coffee and comes with a selection of handmade snacks and various cheeses, scones and caramel pudding. All this makes Next Door Cafe an ideal place to enjoy a meal, relax over tea and simply lounge in a cozy space.

Next Door Cafe Next Door Cafe Next Door Cafe
Medium: Italian Rosemary Chicken Thigh Ciabatta Soft French Bread set meal (NT$258) includes salad, a fried egg and drink.
Right: Breakfast and lunch set meals come with a salad, fresh veggies and tofu, plus sesame dressing-- a refreshing choice!

Next Door Cafe Next Door Cafe Next Door Cafe
Left: Black-and-white photos decorate the wall between the first and second floors.

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