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Good food, drinks...and artistic enrichment--Who Together, Art Anew gallery & cafe, Cafe Muug, Dot Cafe

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

Who Together

(04) 2319-8378
3, Lane 16, JingCheng 9th St, West Dist
Hours: 1-10 pm (closed Tue)
Cash only. Wi-Fi available.

This place offers traditional Japanese architecture, wooden decor, Japanese-style tatami seating and the aromas of coffee, making it ideal for relaxing and unwinding. There are various artists' drawings on display, all selected by the owner to create a simple ambiance, which includes occasional visits from cats. The top drinks served here are coffee (NT$160) and lattes (NT$120), with some light snacks including Lemon Yogurt (NT$80). Recently added as a new service are "mind dialysis readings", which provide an interesting way to seek insights into your life and clarity regarding the next steps to take.

Who Together Who Together Who Together


Art Anew gallery & cafe

(04) 2320-3590
32, JingCheng 5th St, West Dist
Hours: 2 pm-1 am (closed Tue)
Wi-Fi available.

The owner here worked in the restaurant business for over a decade and opened this place four years ago because his sister and many friends were artists and because they loved to visit art exhibitions and shows. The exhibitions here--mostly contemporary and relevant to the current times or social issues--display a stimulating variety of perspectives, voices, shapes and styles, both static and dynamic. There are also performances here, including skits, theater, Rakugo (comic Japanese storytelling) and modern dance, as well as talks on topics of concern to Taichung that allow speakers to share and engage with listeners. Besides buffet-style meals, you can order items like the Spanish Omelette (NT$120), Potatoes (NT$60) or an espresso (NT$100) while enjoying the art.

Art Anew gallery & cafe Art Anew gallery & cafe Art Anew gallery & cafe


Cafe Muug

(04) 2298-8918
1, Lane 34, QingDao W St, North Dist
Hours: weekdays 10 am-10 pm; holidays 11 am-12 am
English menu.
Wi-Fi and parking lot available.

Cafe Muug was opened in August by Aninna and her pals. Inside, two walls are lined with tons of interesting mugs from all over the world and the fun rule is that all customers ordering a hot drink can choose any mug to their liking for their drink. Aninna usually plays jazz, or whatever music matches the theme of the in-store exhibition. From mid-October, a series of handmade dream nets--each a completely unique design--will be exhibited. Occasionally, there are tarot readings in the cafe, which also serves cakes (NT$50-80 apiece). Recommended drinks include the Iced Latte (NT$168) or a ladies' favorite, Fruli Strawberry Beer (NT$180) from Belize, or the Tucher Kristall Weizen Beer (NT$200).

Cafe Muug Cafe Muug


Dot Cafe

(04) 2229-1899
139, AiGuo St, South Dist
Hours: weekdays 10 am-7 pm; holidays 9 am-7 pm (closed Tue)
No service charge.

Owner Ryan loves music and has participated in tons of events over the last decade, getting to know famous musicians and performers in the industry. He opened this cafe as social gathering place for his many designer and musician friends, as a platform for sharing artistic creations, and as a space to engage in creative discussions. Next to Taichung's Cultural and Creative Industries Park, this is a perfect place to chill out and order a bite after visiting the park. Enjoy an American Waffle Meal Set (NT$149), Carbonara Pasta (NT$180) or nice cup of hot mocha (NT$130) in this relaxing space. A recent exhibition included drawings by Lily Shu. There are also movie showings and periodic exhibitions about antiques or stray animals. Ryan's soul is filled with music and creativity and he welcomes all to search for his music on his Facebook page: "E for Electro".

Dot Cafe Dot Cafe Dot Cafe


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