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Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

2, Lane 125, WuQuan 7th St, West Dist
(04) 2372-0667, ext. 11
Hours: 10 am-6 pm (closed Sun)
Cash only. Wi-Fi available.

As its name hints, this coffee shop started with seven doctors, who loved enjoying cups of good-quality coffee during their meetings or clinic hours. They started searching for excellent coffee dealers worldwide while at the same time their profession brought them into close contact with groups and individuals who were socially vulnerable or disabled. Thus, they decided to integrate these two areas by creating a platform that would provide jobs for these disadvantaged groups, enabling them to earn steady incomes and helping them to better adapt to society.

Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee
Left: Matcha Green Tea Latte (NT$120)
Medium : Salty Pie.

Owner Wi Wi and her sister Salu grew up learning about branding from their parents and decided to join the seven doctors in running this coffee shop. Salu, who recently joined the ranks of Asia's top 100 drawing illustrators, took two months to create drawings all over the shop with the help of her brother and mother, showcasing her unique talent and providing soft, delicate scenes that are soothing and therapeutic. Her work has attracted fans from all over to this establishment.

Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee Salu Creations & Seven Doctors Coffee
Left: Salty Waffle (NT$200)
Right: Waffle (NT$200)

Selected coffees in the store include Hand-Drip Coffee (NT$180) and Dutch Cold Water Coffee (NT$180). There are also specialty Taiwanese desserts such as Taiwanese walnut cakes (NT$80), handmade cheesecakes (NT$50), dates cakes (NT$75), and freshly-baked sweet and salty waffles (NT$200/each). Every purchase of a coffee or dessert goes toward helping the disadvantaged groups this place supports.

Wi Wi changes the menu every couple months with the goal of increasing publicity for new snack items created by young entrepreneurs, and providing a platform that showcases the creativity of youth groups. Although she is still in college and quite young, her mother's influence has led her to show care and concern for society's less-privileged members and work with Seven Doctors Coffee to spread the message of help for the needy.

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