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Fukurou living

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

86, ZhongShan Rd, Central Dist
(04) 2225-3288
Hours: 11 am-8 pm (closed Mon)
English menu and Wi-Fi available.
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

Taichung's once-busy Central district is seeing the renovation of its old houses and buildings with new elements as part of a revival and creation of a new environment that mixes the old traditional era with unique modern styles. Fukurou Living founder Damiam embodies this fresh spirit and in Japanese store's name both means "being blessed with no bitter work" and sounds like "owl".

Fukurou living Fukurou living Fukurou living
Medium: Iced Black Coffee (NT$150).
Right: Vanilla Apple Pie (NT$150), Latte (NT$120)

Fukurou Living emphasizes the philosophy of seeking beauty in life and combines hair-styling services, a coffee shop, snack bar, art exhibition space, and the retail of handmade aprons, clothing and accessories in a single location. This eclectic mix certainly makes it a one-of-a-kind place for Taichung and is better understood with a visit.
When you enter on the first floor, you'll notice a brand named "chenjinghai office" in the front left corner with handmade, mostly-men's boots (NT$4,580 to NT$7,080) made from real leather. On the right side is a stairway that allows customers to enjoy a variety of art as they walk up, and they can inquire about the prices if they are interested in buying anything they notice. The art collection changes every couple months and there is also a coffee/snacks area in the front where you can order Iced Black Coffee (NT$150) and a periodically-changing selection of desserts such as Vanilla Apple Pie (NT$150) and Brownies (NT$180).

Fukurou living Fukurou living Fukurou living
Right: Hairstylist Davis (right) and Fukurou Living founder Damiam both wearing Rin aprons.

The first floor also has handmade aprons designed by Rin, a Taiwanese brand that depicts the spirit of different professions in apron designs. There is also clothing from the Fu Yue brand and SYML brand jewelry brought back from all over the world. Hair-styling services for men and women include hair washing and cutting, beard shaving, perms and dyeing; hairstylist Davis meets clients by appointment only.

All this makes Fukurou Living a truly unique multi-faceted business that stands apart from the crowd.

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