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Gatto Bianco invites relaxation and culinary enjoyment

By Chloe Huang
Translated by S. Ying

320, HuiWen Rd, Nantun Dist
(04) 2389-6353
Hours: 9 am-9 pm (closed Thu)
Cash only.

Situated in the heart of a quiet residential area not far from Wenxin Forest Park, this restaurant's stand-alone building is marked by an interesting business sign and name that hints at the attractions awaiting inside. The clean, spacious and very white interior is dominated by a huge painting of the white cat, in a nod to the restaurant's name and perhaps as an inspiration to relax and to enjoy your food slowly, savoring every bite. Diners can choose from sofa seats, round tables and long tables, making this place ideal for both individual customers and and larger parties.

Gatto Bianco Gatto Bianco

The diverse, all-day menu centers around regular and panini sandwiches, and risotto and pasta entrees, with seasonal specials also offered. Panini and regular sandwiches, all served with yam fries and salad, are well-portioned and satisfying, making them a great filling, energizing options for morning.

Pasta dishes can be paired with choices of white, red or pesto sauces, or stir-fried, together in combinations with meats, seafood or vegetables. Set-meal upgrade options provide an added drink, salad and bread. It's also worth specially noting that the restaurant's "Maria Mama handmade breads" are specially ordered and handmade by mentally-challenged employees of the Maria Social Welfare Foundation, allowing you to support this charity as you dine here.

If you are in the mood for a drink, tea and coffee choices include drip coffees, cappuccino, herbal teas, fruit teas, specialty drinks such as the Sesame Drink (NT$120) and Longan Red Date Tea (NT$150), and some alcoholic cocktails.

Gatto Bianco Gatto Bianco Gatto Bianco
Left & Medium: Pumpkin and Pan-Fried Chicken Pasta (NT$300) consists of fettuccine topped with a thick pumpkin sauce and slices of pumpkins, with the option of an aromatic Pumpkin Latte (add NT$109).
Right: Cheese Bacon Baguette (NT$210) features juicy layers of double bacon and lots of cheese.
Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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