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COMPASS MAGAZINE > February 2016

Wooden Door: Delightful drinks, dining & lots of doors

By Sharon Chang
Translated by Carrie Chang Chien

126, DaDun 12th St, Nantun Dist
(04) 2329-8877
Hours: 8:30 am-9 pm
No service charge.

Largely targeted at a hip crowd of customers, Wooden Door's interior--from the walls to ceiling--is appropriately all constructed with wood. According to the owner, there are at least 140 doors in this establishment that are not just for decoration, but actually function. Each has been made by a wooden-door master from Lugang and provides an extra element of magic as you explore this place.

Wooden Door Wooden Door
Colorful Summer Berries Smoothie (NT$160) is a youthful-feeling, pink-hued drink decorated with red and purple berries.
Right: The green walls at Wooden Door are made up of at least 3,000 plants, filling the interior with fresh, natural fragrances.

The light dining available here includes items like the most popular wintertime dessert, Waffles with Fresh Strawberry and Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle (NT$180). Big, fresh strawberries are topped with French syrup and condensed milk and served with strawberry ice cream, combining with the moist, but firm, waffle for delightful mouthfuls. For some extra delight and variety, it also comes with smooth custard sauce.

The eye-catching Glamorous French Toast with Honey and Fresh Fruits (NT$230) features caramelized toast topped with snow-white powdered sugar. Adding to this already-alluring, delectable treat is a serving of various seasonal fruits such as strawberries, kiwi fruit, bananas and peaches. For maximum enjoyment, savor every bite with the provided whipped cream.

Wooden Door Wooden Door Wooden Door
Left: Fresh Strawberry and Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle (NT$180)
Medium: Glamorous French toast with Honey and Fresh Fruits (NT$230)
Right: Ice Dripped Coffee (NT$150)

Ice Dripped Coffee (NT$150) is steeped with select, mixed coffee beans and then refrigerated for two days, providing the full, appealing flavor of cold-brewed coffee. The owner also offers added milk and sugar from sugar cane for those wanting to adjust their coffee's flavor. Colorful Summer Berries Smoothie (NT$160) is among other popular beverages and filled with sweet and tart flavors.

One more food option recommended for enjoyment with fellow diners is Pan-Fried Duck with Orange Sauce Salad (NT$180), which tastes as good as it looks.

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