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Coffee Plus

By Alice Chang
Translated by Anna Yang

209, XiangShang S Rd, Sec 1, West Dist; (04) 2471-9568
Hours: weekdays 7 am-4 pm,holidays 8 am-5 pm (closed Thu)
English menu and Wi-Fi available.
Cash only.
No service charge.

Coffee Plus's XiangShang branch is an uncomplicated, but very worthy, brunch place to visit. The cafe is brightly illuminated by sunshine while you enjoy a perfect meal to begin the day, and owner Mandy and her staff always greet customers with a smile, adding to the heartwarming appeal of this place.

Coffee Plus Coffee Plus Coffee Plus
Left: Cream Caramel Cafe Latte
Right: Store owner Mandy and her coworkers

The owner recommends Stuffed Toast (NT$179, including tea, coffee or juice, or other menu drinks with NT$25 discount), which has a crispy outside and soft, pudding-like inside. It's topped with powdered sugar and honey, offers the options of pork cutlet and roast chicken on the side, and comes with french fries and a generous bowl of fresh fruit, helping make it a best-seller here. Served with the same side dishes, Japanese Pork Sandwich (NT$140, with same drink offer as above) features a thick, firm, succulent pork cutlet that almost dwarfs the plate it's served on, making it another hit here.

Coffee Plus Coffee Plus
Left: Deep Fried Food Platter
Right: Japanese Pork Sandwich

The best feature of Garlic Double Layered Toast (NT$80) is the cheese flowing over the top of its over-sized piece of bread. If you're seeking a snack, the Deep Fried Food Platter (NT$170 for four fried items in NT$50-70 range) is suggested. I selected the Japanese Pork Cutlet, spicy Popcorn Chicken, Deep-Fried Sweet Potatoes, and Lemon Deep-Fried Chicken Strips. This lavish spread--served in a traditional basket--was certainly an attention-getter.
Many customers also come here to enjoy the coffees, such as Cream Caramel Cafe Latte (NT$75), a blend of caramel pudding and coffee that will leave you with the lingering fragrant aftertaste of caramel, or Specially Made Coffee (NT$50), whose less-bitter flavors are very appealing.

Coffee Plus Coffee Plus
Left: Stuffed Toast With Roast Chicken
Right: Garlic Double Layered Toast

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