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Civic Square cafe relaxation--Smoker Cafe, Naked 6, Corner Cafe, Yuan Sheng Cafe

Translated by Anna Yang

Smoker Cafe

(04) 2302-0813
13, Lane 1, MoFan St, West Dist
Hours: 10 am-10 pm

Located on a peaceful street near the busy Park Lane by CMP mall, this cafe's humble exterior contrasts its well-illuminated spacious interior, where wood-tiled floors give it a pleasant, quaint style. Main courses include pasta and sub sandwiches, plus a one-person Smoker Set. The non-greasy sauce used in the Japanese Ginger Pork Plate (NT$180) entree gives off a sweet aroma, while the side salad is fresh and delicious. Beverages include coffees, teas, juices and slushies. Afternoon visits are a good time to savor a delicious waffle topped with strawberry and blueberry sauces, or stewed apples in rum on the side. Various waffle toppings can be replaced with other options for an additional NT$40-60. --By Chloe Huang

Smoker Cafe Smoker Cafe Smoker Cafe


Naked 6

(04) 2301-6811
132, ZhongXing St, West Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-9 pm

This entire cafe/restaurant--ambiance, food and service--presents a comfortable, homey ambiance with the cozy, bright interior nice for meet-ups with friends and family visits. Foods include all kinds of waffles, hot pots, salads and set-meal options. Recommended are Mixed-Fruit Waffles (NT$299), featuring a thick waffle and variety of seasonal fruit, topped with handmade sweet and sour berry sauce, fresh cream and custard. The Japanese-style waffles here are unique and the owner focuses on natural ingredients, using battered egg whites instead of baking soda to give the waffles a soft, pancake-like texture. The Grilled Salmon Rice Ball set meal (NT$299; add NT$30 to replace rice with Rice in Tea) includes various side dishes, a warm grilled rice ball, soft-boiled egg and broiled radishes, exuding dried bonito flavors. --By Tanya Tung

Naked 6 Naked 6 Naked 6


Corner Cafe

(04) 2302-1353
102, GongZheng Rd, West Dist
Hours: 1 pm-1 am

Sitting across from Civic Square, sipping a drink and watching people go about their busy day is a great way to write a story, or finish up the details of a business assignment. Corner Cafe is one of the better locales in Taichung to get that perfect atmosphere for some quiet time, or a conversation with friends over a coffee or cocktails. A range of light and larger, quite filling meals are also available. The classic Club Sandwich (NT$150) is a finely crafted culinary delight whose flavors offer an electrifying zing that titillates the taste buds. If you're still not full, the Maple Syrup Waffle (NT$120) is an epicurean delight smothered in maple syrup, plus a secret ingredient that may be brandy, although the boss wouldn't tell. The Iced Floating Coffee (NT$150) and Pineapple Kiwi Juice (NT$150) are both great to enjoy with your meal, too. --Daniel White

Corner Cafe Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe Corner Cafe


Yuan Sheng Cafe

(04) 2302-2868
64, Lane 79, XiangShang Rd, Sec 1, West Dist
(Calligraphy Greenway branch)
Hours: 8 am-6 pm

The Calligraphy Greenway branch of this cafe greets visitors with the aroma of coffee and an eye-catching, spacious seating area decorated with a collection of antiques, representing a blend of art, beauty and life. The architect owner is not only personally responsible for the interior design, but also preparation of the quality coffees and food ingredient selection, with the hope of leaving his customers with big smiles. The Smooth-flavored Yuan Sheng Blend No. 2 (NT$200) is a good choice. Meals are prepared by a professional chef, with the open bakery designed to promote close interaction with patrons. The citrus-flavored Italian Panettone (NT$400/330 grams) sweet bread is prepared with a complicated process that includes week's dough maturation. Several of owner's collections decorate the two-floor cafe and customers are welcome to purchase items that interest them. --By Rachel Chang

Yuan Sheng Cafe Yuan Sheng Cafe Yuan Sheng Cafe


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