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Skyline Cafe & Pizzeria, Fasha Room, Coffee Literature (Longjing branch), Rabbit Hole


Skyline Cafe & Pizzeria

55, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 6, Longjing Dist
(04) 2652-9989
Hours: 5 am-12 pm (Tue-Fri); 5 pm-1 am (Sat)

This scenic, Southeast Asian-style restaurant features a beautiful garden and pond, creating a delightful dining atmosphere. Both inside and outside seating areas are surrounded by tropical greenery and there's also a glass-walled private room available by reservation. Colorful lighting is found everywhere and a spacious dining terrace offers beautiful sunset scenes, so it's advisable to visit in the late afternoon. This is a great place for a date, or gatherings of friends and family. The menu includes brick oven-made pan pizza, pasta, risotto, hot pots and waffles, plus various beverages like beer. The most popular dish is the freshly served Margarita Pan Pizza (NT$280) and limited-quantity fresh-baked bread. --By Tanya Tung, translated by Anna Yang

Skyline Cafe & Pizzeria Skyline Cafe & Pizzeria Skyline Cafe & Pizzeria


Fasha Room

(04) 2382-3817
83, XiangXin Rd, Nantun Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-8 pm 週一休 (closed Mon)

The owner's Chinese 'huasha rushi' (花夏入室 "flower summer in the house") name for this business reveals the aim of creating a flower shop-like ambiance, immersing customers in attractive blossoms. Large and small dried flowers and wreaths are displayed around this well-illuminated space like a four-season garden. When it comes to dining, there are items like the creative delicacy Thai Spicy Chicken Cake (NT$150), stir-fried with onions for a sweet, citrusy flavor that pairs perfectly with a soft cake base. Ordering a Sea Salt Caramel Coffee (NT$130) is a great way to relax in this rich, floral setting. --By Alice Chang, translated by Anna Yang

Fasha Room Fasha Room Fasha Room


Coffee Literature (Longjing branch)

ZhongBu Rd, Longjin Dist
Hours: 6 pm - 3 am

The original Shalu branch of this coffee shop has relocated to a much more spacious hillside site between Providence University and Tunghai University. The new rustic location makes this a quiet, peaceful destination for romantic dates. The cafe has two separate outdoor viewing areas that both provide beautiful scenes of Longjing, Qingshui, Gaomei Wetlands and the western coast. The wall mural inside features various characters from Studio Ghibli's animated films and serves as a great photo-taking spot. Other pluses here include outdoor music. A charming-looking bus houses the cafe kitchen, where the staff prepares food and drink offerings, including coffees, juices, smoothies, teas and snacks. The most popular food items are waffles, pizzas, hot dogs in a bun, and cheesecake. --Words and translation by Audrey Liu

Coffee Literature (Longjing branch) Coffee Literature (Longjing branch) Coffee Literature (Longjing branch)


Rabbit Hole

127, WuQuan W 1st St, West Dist
(04) 2375-0388
Hours: 1-8 pm (Tue-Sat); 1-7 pm (Sun)

Walking into this dessert shop conjures up images of Alice and the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland", thanks to eye-catching, colorful interior design and rabbit-themed photos, dolls and knicknacks filling every corner. The recommended NT$290 afternoon tea comes with a slice of cake and cup of tea, or NT$60 off any coffee on the menu. Strawberry Vanilla Creme Brulee (NT$160) balances the flavor of its in-season, juicy strawberries with sweet vanilla, and is perfect when accompanied by a cup of hot black tea--something one might image Alice herself would enjoy. --By Alice Chang, translated by Anna Yang

Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole


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