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Traditional Taiwanese frozen treats--Shuangfu, Mei & Mei Shaved Ice Shop, Dongshi Luoshanfeng, Dajia River Power Station Baileng Ice Bar

Translated by Anna Yang


(04) 2229-0638
145, TaiPing Rd, North Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-10:30 pm

The "snow ice" offerings and juices in this cozy shop are prepared with fresh fruit and ingredients, with seasonal fruits also made into flavorful shaved ice. If you want something besides icy desserts, other options include tofu pudding and Herbal Jelly (NT$50) with toppings such as peanuts, red beans, taro, and tapioca. All choices here, including shop favorite Watermelon and Milk Ice (NT$80) with black sugar base, are well-priced and taste as good as they look, making them ideal for the sizzling summer heat. --By Jason Chen

Shuangfu Shuangfu


Mei & Mei Shaved Ice Shop

1046, LiMing Rd, Sec 1, Nantun Dist
Hours: 9:30 am-10:30 pm

This traditional shaved ice shop, around for 35 years, stands apart from fancy ice cream shops with its no-frills decor. Its simple-looking shaved ice treats are made from a sizable ice cube and the toppings on the shaved ice and fresh juice are additive-free. Other fresh toppings include red beans, mung beans, soy beans, black jelly, aiyu jelly and fresh fruit, topped with condensed milk for extra sweetness. Besides traditional shaved ice, this nostalgic-feeling shop's other reasonably-priced summer treats include Mixed Fruit Juice (NT$45), made from a variety of fruit, and Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice (NT$50), with condensed milk on top and red beans at the bottom. --By Jason Chen

Mei & Mei Shaved Ice Shop Mei & Mei Shaved Ice Shop


Dongshi Luoshanfeng

244, Ben St, Dongshi Dist
Hours: 7:30 am-4 pm closes early when sold out)
shop closed November to April

This restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor eco-friendly environments and an artistic dining ambiance. Local farm products are sold here and monthly exhibitions by local artists are presented on the walls. The chef prepares western meals with Japanese cooking styles and local ingredients and the menu includes pan-fried, grilled, deep-fried and boiled items, as well various types of beverages and hot pancakes. The delicious cheeseburgers are served with organically-grown rice. The Oolong Pork Hot Pot is a unique dish prepared with Bo Ling oolong tea that tenderizes the pork. Numerous customers also come here for the warm pancakes, which have a brown sugar cake-like texture and the fragrance of eggs, and come in both salty and sweet flavors. --By Tanya Tung

Dongshi Luoshanfeng Dongshi Luoshanfeng


Dajia River Power Station Baileng Ice Bar

(04) 2594-3615
91, DongGuang Rd, Sec 2, Heping Dist
Hours: 8 am-5 pm (closes 6 pm June to September; shop closed December to February)

On the route to Guguan, visitors can be seen standing around this dark-roofed blue house, enjoying the nostalgic ice bars popular here for the past 50 years. Once sold for 5 "jiao" (NT$.05) and still a reasonable NT$12, these treats are prepared with quality ingredients in the kitchen behind the counter where staff are busy cooking red and mung beans and wrapping bars. Each of the 14 alluring flavors is simply made with three or less ingredients, with the most popular being the soda pop-flavored Clear Ice Bar. Other nostalgic varieties--refreshing and not overly-sweet--include Xiaoxing Wine with Longan and Glutinous Rice, Red Bean with Milk, and Mung Bean with Milk. The Wuyesong (Taiwan short-leaf pine) ice bar, exuding herbal aromas, is only available at this shop only and contains juice made from the leaves of this local tree. A polyfoam container that keeps products cool for four hours is available for to-go purchases and shipping services are offered, with 25% discounts enjoyed with purchases of at least 500 ice bars. --By Chloe Chang

Dajia River Power Station Baileng Ice Bar Dajia River Power Station Baileng Ice Bar


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