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What Classifieds are NOT for free. 收費刊登分類廣告


If you are looking to promote your products or services for free because you're too cheap to get a real ad, sorry - still gotta cough up some dough. Examples include real estate agencies, MLM companies, tutors looking for students, etc. Should you want to submit a paid classified, and the word count is too limiting on the submission page, contact us at: classifieds@taiwanfun.com. No problem if you are looking for employees however - that's free. If your classified should be a paid one for print, it will still appear for free on this website. NT$20 per word (Chinese/ English)


Conditions & Terms

Classifieds should be emailed to classifieds@taiwanfun.com or entered on our submission form. All submissions must be submitted before the 15th of the month previous. If the classified is late or if the section is full, we reserve the right to hold your classified until the following month. Also note that classifieds are published in the language we receive them.

Please deposit the advertising fee to our bank account Taiwan Shinkong Commercial Bank 0356-10-100019-0 Compass Group Magazine, Bank Code 103 before the 15th of the month, and fax a copy of the bank deposit to (04)2358-5430 and we will process your classified ad as soon as possible.




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