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Mr. Stephen Taylor's

in yer ear*

* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
compass magazine, november 2000


BAND: (MILK) n. fat and creamy; short and sweet; all white.


INFLUENCES: Peter Max, Anne Murray, The Zappatistas, Ricky Martin (pre-Manudo), Arthur Murray, The Beatles, Bill Gather Trio, Captain Gay and the Sailors, Richard Bronsen, Ralph Nader, Ted Turner, Ralph Cramden, AMCHAM.

DARREN LIPPS- bass guitar, groove stylist
KENTY JELLO- saw, didjeridoo, sundries, tight fittin' polyesters
ERIN TYRES- percussion, vocals, beat-box-scratch-skat-post-ironic-hip-hop
ROBERT J. ROBBE II- (blue) guitar, vocals, real big Hee-Haw fan
PETER JOHN HOLMES- drums, vocals, bucket of Colonel's (original recipe)
KEVIN LEE- sax-a-phone, keyboards, stage drifter

Last November, the 'Neil Pryde Asian Wind Surfing Tour' held in Penghu also featured an outdoor music festival. A melding of two aspiring bands, Duck Grass and Rockstar, transpired into what is now known as MILK. However, deciding on a name took time, in fact, their first gig at BOOM, the band was called, 'Sugar'. Names were thrown out, long lists were made which eventually evolved into a book of names and finally after a 'name' meeting, MILK was named. 'Somehow, we couldn't get outta the kitchen', says percussion vocalist, Erin. 'I don't know about the name but I didn't punch that 8 year old girl', says their #1 fan, Georgia Mark.

Heavily dipped in rhythm and funky-ass grooves, Milk blends an old-school reggae vibe with sweet rhythm guitar, soulful lyrics, and a driving bass. The didjeridoo adds an underlying pulse to this tasty brew that guaranties to shake your groove thing. A definite party band. In fact, I've never seen a Milk show last under 2 hours. These guys obviously love to jam. 'We start off with an idea and a bit of structure and then we jam it out and see where it goes', says Rob with the blue guitar.

As well as playing shows around the island, Milk has also put out a cd, a groovey little 7-track disk. You can pick one up at a show or at Che-gwai Jack-Ass's. Ask Darren for directions and prices are negotiable. You can also look 'em up on their web site @ Taiwanoyster.com or e-mail them: milk @ Taiwanoyster.com. 'Nobody's ever e-mailed us', says a pouty but sultry Kenty Jello. In my opinion, Milk rocks the house and are one of Taichung's better bands. Don't miss an opportunity to catch 'em live. Bring your dancing shoes, kick 'em off and drink yer milk, it's good for ya.


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