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Mr. Stephen Taylor's

in yer ear*

* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
compass magazine, december 2000




INFLUENCES: Rage Against The Machine, Radio Head, Guns And Roses, Kenny Logins,

NOFX, Bad Religion, Sublime, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, L.T.K., Clippers, MC

Hotdog, Back Quarter, Sticky Rice


  ALLEN- bass guitar, vocals, reluctant leader

  MIG- rhythm guitar, vocals

  ALGER- lead guitar, vocals

  JIMMY- drums, percussion

               About 3 years ago, Allen and Mig, friends and classmates at Providence University decided to start a band. They got a couple other friends and started jamming but things didn!t come together until they hooked up with Alger and Jimmy.

"I didn't decide to get into music until I heard the TOP GUN theme song, Danger Zone by Kenny Logins," says bass guitarist, Allen. This writer responded with one raised eyebrow. "Yeah, that's when I decided to learn guitar but soon realized how hard it was so I took up the bass."

So, why the name ANARCHY? "I guess it's cause we're pissed off with the government and would like to see more people rise up and do something about it but, basically, we like to go off and be loud and wild at our shows," says Allen.

Anarchy has been playing together for about two and a half years. However, they weren"t always warmly welcomed. "At one of our first shows, we were introduced as "A-NIKY" and after about four songs, the hostess was saying, "Thank you, thank you, good-bye, thank you." It was pretty funny," says Allen.

Things have changed a lot since then. Anarchy now has quite a following and a reputation in Taichung. With 20-plus original songs, they"ve played venues around town like The Pig Pen, Napoli, and Ala Pub and have also played the last three Spring Screams in Kenting. They are presently working on their first CD, which will hopefully be out around Christmas. "We haven"t signed with anyone yet but my good friend Fred Mossa with Crystal Records is helping us with the recording. He likes our style, says we have potential so we"ll just see what happens," says Allen.

Besides playing shows, practicing and going to school, Anarchy is also active in organizing and supporting a venue that hosts a party every two months at Ala Pub. The event is called, "STAR-ROCK-PUNK-PARTY". It was organized by Allen"s friend D.D., who is presently in the army. Basically, it"s a place for anyone with a band to play, preferably punk bands. Most venues in town don"t offer this opportunity and generally don"t support original music.

"This is a good thing and we wanted to keep it going," says Allen. "Most people here are not so open to new music. However, I feel that the younger generation are more open minded and hip to new ideas."

Well, if anything, the younger generation are shaking things up, speaking out and pushing into the pit of Anarchy. If you get a chance, check them out. You won"t be disappointed.

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