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International CD Review:

CD Review of Hybrid - 'Wide Angle'. Reviewed by Taiwan Fun's very own Adam Zahler (He's cooler then he used to be)

Wide Angle

Reviewer: Adam Zahler

Okay, so they may not be the most famous band in the world, but if you haven't heard their music then you've never lived.  This album is electronica at its very best.

As the band name suggests, Hybrid use a whole range of music styles in their own original way.  Wide Angle brings the listener drum&bass, some hip-hop, trance, chill-out tunes, house with some genuine orchestral sounds in there as well.  This album provides electronic music to satisfy your taste whatever mood you're in.

Wide Angle opens with some beautiful music supplied by the Russian Federal Orchestra that fuses into 'If I Survive' with some impressive beats and the vocals of Julee Cruise (of Twin Peaks fame).  Next comes 'I Know' and 'Beachcoma', two laid back tunes with saxophones and other more relaxing sounds.  Let your toes warm to those wonderful deep bassy sounds.  Now jump up and put your hands in the air for three excellent dance tracks with some huge breakbeats in there: 'Dreaming Your Dreams', 'Snyper' and 'Theme From Wide Angle'.  'Theme From Wide Angle' can never be played loud enough!

Then, you'll hear, 'Sinequanon'.  This is an excellent trip-hop track with some beautiful French rapping to add an extra original flavor with the most dreamy break in the middle that send shivers down your spine.  This wonderful music continues right to the very end of the CD and is over too soon.  But that's okay because you can play it again!

Wide Angle is sweet.  It's original, diverse and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys good electronica.  I am looking forward to their next release.  By the way, look for the album with a bonus CD containing live tracks!



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