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Taiwan music bands by Steve Taylor

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compass magazine, march 2001
Taiwan Music and Bands by Taiwan Fun - Spatula

BAND: Spatula

STYLE: Jam blues-funk rock grooves with a pinch of jazz

INFLUENCES: King Crimson, Steely Dan, 80's rock, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, jazz, Rush, Led Zepplin, African drum music, Indian music, The Doors, The Police



Tim Anderson - Bass, vocals
Kirk Martsen - Guitar, vocals
Alan Meyers - rhythm acoustic
guitar, slide, the flange
Brad Whitmore - percussion,

Taiwan Music and Bands by Taiwan Fun - Spatula: Alan Taiwan Music and Bands by Taiwan Fun - Spatula: Dave
Taiwan Music and Bands by Taiwan Fun - Spatula: Kirk Taiwan Music and Bands by Taiwan Fun - Spatula: Tim


Spatula starts slow, building the mood as if it takes a little jamming to get the instruments properly lubricated. An intelligent and well structured sort of jam that allows the band members to run their hands over their instruments and get the feel for each other, the crowd and the sound system.It's like the distant sound of a Harley over a hill, you can hear the power to come but it hasn't run you over yet.

But it comes. Riding over the hill and rumbling in with exuberantly funky blues rock, the passengers flailing their arms in excitement and thrilling in the power of it all. Whistles from the crowd and bodies up on the floor, this is no pretentious artsy band but a full on grooving joy machine bent on making this a good time for themselves and the audience.

Spatula is also a creative, original band. Playing mostly original tunes (but the occasional cover), they mix in some jazz progressions, funk grooves and the occasional unexpected transition. This band makes music to enjoy life with, laid back in style but coursing with energy.

Spatula has been around in one form or another for 4 years. Peviously known as the Dudes and the Clangers, it might well be the longest running original act in Taichung.

So go on, get sweaty with Spatula and catch their regular act at Bhoom and Napoli, or check them out at one of many other venues.


By Courtney Donovan Smith




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