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CD Review:

Taiwan Music CD Review by Taiwan Fun > At the Drive-In At The Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Reviewer: Steve Taylor


This El Paso, Texas-based band has emerged from underground cult status to become arguably the most talked about American band since the mid-90's heyday of Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.

Formed in 1994 by members of two of El Paso's leading underground punk bands, At the Drive-in began to attract notice for their passionate live performances. They released a couple of singles before hooking up with a small independent label, Flipside Records. Adding more band members, playing loads of shows and recording a 6-song CD, EP, the band began to gain recognition and quite a following.

By 1997, Flipside was no longer putting out records--basically they couldn't afford to--so the band literally approached every indie label they could think of. No one was interested. Finally, they were approached by Fearless Records and decided to sign. They began recording 'In Casino Out' in June 1998. They spent about a week recording and mixing what would become the record to establish ATDI as a 'real' band. After more touring, head lining shows, recording several EP's, their very first trip to England, and 11 countries in 6 weeks, the band needed a change of pace. They took a break and signed with a new label, Den Records.

In January 2000, ATDI began a 7-week recording session with producer Ross Robinson. The band was pushed to the brink and back by Ross to put their lives and limbs onto tape as 'Relationship of Command' was created.

This record shows the band exploding more vigorously and dynamically than ever before. The struggle, the angst, the joy, the sincerity, everything that comes out of the live performances, with nothing held back. This is a hard-driving album with tunes like 'Invalid Liter Dept.' and 'One Armed Scissor' makes ATDI sound more like 'Rage Against the Alamo'. Wish I'd said that! Anyway, get it and as always, stick it in yer ear.


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