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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
compass magazine, june 2001


By Stephen Taylor

If I had to give a one-word description of this Japanese-born guitarist/artist, I think I would choose the word, 'blender'.

Well, let's consider the functions of a blender. A blender mixes, whips, agitates, shakes, tosses and stirs up its contents, which is exactly what Hayashi achieves. A masterful guitarist who seems almost bored with common time, often taking the music and the listener to the boundaries of sanity. Playing with a rack of effect boxes, Hayashi effortlessly loops tracks mid-song and plays over them, creating a thunderous mountain of noise art.

Kiirchiro Hayashi started to play the piano at the age of four, then switched to guitar at the age of 11. At college, Hayashi studied classical Western and Asian music theory, going on to receive first prize for guitar at the Tokushima Music Competition, where his unique improvisations on Japanese melodies and musical themes startled and amazed the crowd.

Since the ¡¥80's, Hayashi has recorded modern and free jazz with his jazz trio and solo projects and played at music festivals throughout East Asia and Europe. 'Hayashi has received much kudos for his rare and peculiar blend of Japanese folk melodies and experimental jazz with a sound that is soulful, ambient and complex,' writes International Jazz Festival Magazine.

Hayashi first came to Taiwan back in '98, playing Spring Scream Festival and touring the island. Returning every year for the festival, he eventually fell in love with Taiwan and decided to make it his home by moving here last April. He often plays around town at such pubs as Napoli and Bhoom so, if you get the chance, don't miss him. I'm sure you'll be blown away, surprised and amazed.

If any musician is interested, Hayashi is also looking for potential band members interested in playing jazz and rock. Please phone him at 0926-284-444.

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