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Mr. Stephen Taylor's

in yer ear*

* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
compass magazine, july 2001



Style: House-Hop


Frank Rizzla (DJ SKRATCH-A-LICIOUS)- turntable stylist

Dane Southerland (MC WHACK)- groove box and rhyme designer

Taking Taipei's Underground clubs and dance halls by storm, the 'Dynamic-Duo' known as 'Sewerside' are raising eyebrows and inflicting serious groove to 'da boody'. Dane and Frank, long time friends from college, began 'mixin' it up back in '93. 'The beauty of what we do is a combination of Dane's crazy beats and mostly spontaneous lyrics over anything, and I mean anything I throw at him,' says Rizzla. 'Yeah, lately, Frank's really been into show tunes and it's the funniest and probably the most wicked thing we've tried,' says Southerland.

Arriving in Taiwan last year and swearing that they liked the smell of Taipei, the two got established and soon realized that nobody was playing the music they craved. They soon began practicing and bouncing ideas off of each other and things just gelled. Although it was slow going at first, things started to pick up. 'The only shows we had at first were parties for our friends but even that turned out for the best as we got more experience, and somehow word spread,' says Dane. Eventually scoring gigs at Roxy Vibe and other venues, their infectious grooves were undeniably contagious.

Hoping to start playing more around the island, Sewerside plans to play in Taichung this summer. 'We've heard a lot of good things about Taichung and also have a few friends down there, so we'll see what happens,' says Dane. When asked about their name, I was told this: 'Well, we live by the river and it is Taipei so we thought it sounded better than Riverside.'

I told him to contact my man Simon. So if and when the opportunity arrives, bring yer dancin' shoes.

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